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Visiting Thailand: Here is all you need to know before you travel

In this travel guide, Let’s check the different things needed to travel to Thailand and also other vital things which are worthy of getting mentioned.

Article Index:

1. Introduction

2. Best Time to Visit Thailand

3. Places to Visit in Thailand

4. Travel Visa and Currency of Thailand

5. Pattaya Beach and Distances between prominent locations in Thailand

6. Bangkok Currency, Time and Airways

7. So, is Thailand the best company to travel to?

1. Introduction:

Many people often reply with the same answer when they get asked the question ‘Where do they want to travel”? The answer is Bangkok or Pattaya. Both cities get considered as the chief ports of the country, often referred to as the travel hub of Southeast Asia, Thailand.

Most of the visitors first come to Thailand, and they move on to their favorite places like Bangkok, Pattaya, or Krabi. This routine gets considered as a touring circuit of most travelers touring Southeast Asia.

Thailand is, in fact, the most visited country in this region of Southeast Asia. Why is it the most visited country? Because it has everything, a traveler wants. Beaches, jungles, food, and scenic beauty, Thailand has got everything that a traveler wants.

Thailand is the favorite tourist spot for all travelers in the world with its incredible scenic beauty, famed beaches, lush jungles, world-class diving facilities, and lip-smacking food. And all these are available to you at friendly and cheap prices.

No matter what your budget is, you can travel freely around Thailand. The country presents a lot of fancy and luxurious resorts at low prices. In short, you can enjoy a luxurious stay in Thailand in a modest or limited budget. This beautiful country has something to offer for everyone who travels here.

In this travel guide, we will explain the different things needed to travel in this country and also other vital things which are worthy of getting mentioned. We will also briefly describe some of the places which are not to get missed in this luscious and exotic country.

2. Best Time to Visit Thailand:

First things first, every country looks the most beautiful at a particular season or at a specific time in the year. So, what is the time best time to travel to Thailand? The answer is between October to February.

You can even travel during March as even during this month; the conditions will be favorable to visit Thailand. Bangkok or other places in Thailand are the coolest during this season and provide a pleasant feel to all the travelers to tour around. Bangkok is also the driest during this season, and in most places, the temperatures drop quickly in the evening.

From April to June, the places here experience unbearable temperature, especially for travelers who are not used to it. So this season is usually not favorable for traveling in Thailand.

From July to October, Thailand experiences heavy rainfall, and it can be between light to heavy showers, which can sometimes escalate to significant flooding. During the latter half of October, the intensity of rains reduces, and there might be some amount of afternoon showers. Hence, even during October, people can visit Thailand and roam around peacefully.

3. Places to Visit in Thailand:

3.1 Bangkok

3.2 Khao Yai National Park

3.3 Thailand’s Royal Grand Palace

3.4 Golden reclining Buddha statue at War Pho

3.5 Sukhothai, Lopburi, and Ayutthaya

3.6 Khao Sok National Park

3.7Ko Lanta

3.8 Similan Islands

3.9 Khmer temples in Isaan

3.10 Elephant Nature Park at Chiang Mai

3.11 Golden Pattaya Beach

3.12 Buddhist temples in Doi Suthep-Pui National Park

3.13 Golden Triangle

3.14 Ko Phi Phi Islands

3.15 Ko Lipe Islands

3.16 Phuket Islands

4. Travel Visa and Currency of Thailand:

Thai Baht is the name of the currency used in Thailand. When you convert Thailand currency to INR, then 1 Thai Baht is equivalent to around 2.34 Indian rupees.

Coming to Thailand Visa, there are two types of Visas which you may need if you are traveling to Thailand. They are Visa on Arrival and Visa before you visit. Most of the tourists go for the former one, which is Visa on Arrival, as it is more convenient to get.

Passport holders who are planning to visit Thailand for Tourism and prefer staying not more than 15 days in the country can apply for this type of Visa. These Visas are available 24 hours in any of the 32 international airports in Thailand.

These Visas will be available within 10 minutes or an hour, depending on the number of people applying or waiting for it at the respective airport. Essential Documents needed for this Visa will be a photograph, your airline boarding pass, your confirmed ticket of departure within 15 days, and a passport which is older than six months. The Thailand visa photo size for this type of Visa is of the dimension 4*6 centimeters.

According to the new law issued by the Thailand Government, any solo traveler must possess an amount of 10,000 Baht, and family travelers must possess an amount of 20,000 Baht as proof of cash requirement for living in Thailand. Along with this, the Visa on Arrival gets conferred on paying a visa application fee of 2000 Baht.

5. Pattaya Beach and Distances between prominent places in Thailand:

Pattaya Beach is a luscious, attractive, and spell bounding beach found in the exotic location of Pattaya. It is an ideal beach to roam around with your loved ones or play with them on broad daylight or pleasant night light.

Golden Beach Pattaya is the most praiseworthy and loveable resort which gets found on the shores of Pattaya beach. Many travelers prefer to stay here whenever they visit Pattaya Beach.

The Distance between Bangkok to Pattaya is around 150 km. The distance between Bangkok to Phuket is about 850 km, and the distance between Phuket to Krabi is approximately 163 km.

6. Bangkok Currency, Time, and Airways:

The currency of Bangkok is the same currency used in Thailand, which Thai Baht. Bangkok is, in fact, the capital city of Thailand. The time in Bangkok is 7 hours additional to the General Meridian Time and is preferably one and a half hours ahead of the Indian Local Time.

Bangkok Airways are one of the well-established airways of Bangkok, which is in operation from 1968. This airway started to fly its airplanes from 1984 under the name Sahakol Air which got changed later to Bangkok Airways.

Bangkok Airways got honored with the prestigious Garuda Emblem on 9th April 2007 for the exceptional services provided to the nation. This royal warrant has motivated the employees of the airways to render more services to the country. It got listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand on 27th February 2013 and has got registered as Bangkok Airways Public Company Limited.

7. So, is Thailand the best country to travel to?

Yes, undoubtedly. You can travel and tour around in Thailand pretty well, having only a limited or modest amount of cash. You get fancy and luxurious hotels all around Thailand, and the meals are pretty cheap.

Everything is convenient, easy, and quick in this exotic country.

Not only these amenities, but Thailand also houses people who are lovely and are very helpful to the tourists. However, Thailand has many other places that have not yet got explored. So the beauty of Thailand is yet to get unraveled because the grace of these places is unknown.