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Welly, A Shiba Inu Themed Restaurant’s Discord Channel Succumbs to Phishing Exploit


Discord has evolved from a gaming platform to a hub for cryptocurrency projects. These cryptocurrency projects post information on updates, giveaways, and other topics on their Discord channels. Several crypto enthusiasts have flocked to the app to get first-hand knowledge. The Shiba Inu Army did as well.

With the start of 2022, the Shib network received a slew of new ‘partnershibs.’ Shib, the meme currency, was so popular that it inspired a full fast-food restaurant. The Shib Army helped Welly, the world’s first Shiba Inu-themed restaurant, grow in popularity. However, the platform’s Discord channel has been hacked.

Welly’s “official Discord channel was accessed through a security weakness in the account of one of the team members,” according to a recent announcement.

Scammers allegedly entered the chat and, for 30 minutes, flooded the entire Discord channel with bots that sent out phishing URLs. Scammers were able to gain access to the victims’ wallets by using these phishing links, which led them to a fake minting website.

The Damage Done

NFTs, Shiboshis, and even Lands were allegedly stolen from the metaverse by the scammers. Welly stated that the only people who lost money were those who decided to go ahead with the false minting procedure.

In addition, the platform stated that the majority of the stolen NFTs, Lands, and Shiboshis had been returned. The Defense and Growth Breeds were primarily to blame. The Shiba Inu-themed platform elaborated on this, saying,

“To mitigate the coordinated attack that occurred, this will be an ongoing project because there are numerous aspects to consider because the RIGHTFUL owners of the NFTs identified them on OpenSea.

“We’re already in contact with OpenSea, the perpetrators of this attack, and we’re working with them to reduce the damage even more. We’ll move forward with the mitigation step after OpenSea has cleared the affected NFTs.”

The Shiba Inu-themed restaurant later verified that the scammers had only managed to acquire 8.5 to 10 ETH in assets. It costs roughly 17,000 USD, which is a bargain compared to other Discord hacks on the market.

The news came as the crypto community was recovering from the 360k USD Discord hack of the Bored Ape Yacht Club, which was hit by a similar attack. A month ago, the Discord channel of OpenSea was also compromised.

It seems like these phishing attacks seem to be spiraling out of control. Hence, we advise our readers to avoid clicking on any such links.