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What is data entry job? 9 things you should know about data entry jobs

Do you want to start a career in a field where you may get exposure to various industries? If you are good at keyboarding ski
Do you want to start a career in a field where you may get exposure to various industries? If you are good at keyboarding skills.

Data entry has gained popularity recently, as more and more companies are shifting towards clerical work, and the economy is rising.

Before diving into the data entry jobs, let’s know all about data entry jobs- what to expect, where to work, salaries, and realities.

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1. What are data entry jobs?

In the data entry industry, employees add, verify, and edit electronic data. Companies often need people to transcribe meeting notes and add raw data into databases.

People who perform data entry include electronic data processors, coders, clerks, and transcribers. If you’re working in the data entry industry, you need to operate all kinds of electronic devices, use professional keyboards, and edit data.

If you have just started working in this industry, you could be paid by the project, keystrokes per minute, keystrokes per word, keystrokes per hour, and so on…

It’s easy to get a data entry job as you need to have good typing skills and know basic English, then you can qualify for most of these jobs.

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2. Functions and working of data entry jobs.

Data entry means operating equipment like a keyboard to input data in the form of alphabets, numbers, and symbols in the company’s system.

The data entry operator may need to verify and edit this data. The data can be in the form of audio files or hand-written documents.

Many data entry positions mentioned above require the least skills and, in turn, pay at least.

A few data entry workers work for more traditional data entry companies, which are mostly business firms. These people are paid hourly or per word or sometimes for a whole project.

3. Why are data entry jobs trending?

Due to COVID-19, testing and other tracking work have seemed to be pushed for data entry operators’ needs.

Shaheen Khan, founder-director of CEDP Skill Institute, says they are looking for two types of requirements. One where they need people for general data entry work having 30 words per minute speed. The other one requires lab technicians who are ready to upskill as they are familiar with various guidelines that go with testing.

Companies have increased their demands for trained data entry operators so that they can be onboarded easily.

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4. Types of data entry jobs:

There are two main types of data entry jobs:

  • In the remote data entry industry, choose the location wherever you want to work.
  • Choose your working hours.
  • Remote workers are not paid per hour. Instead, they are paid per project or keystrokes per minute.
  • Recruiters seek reliability and the ability to complete the tasks in the specified period. So your action speaks louder than your work history.
  • You can work part-time and earn some extra money while pursuing a regular degree.
  • You’re likely to be paid per hour wage if you work in the house.
  • You can expect benefits such as merit perks, bonuses and health benefits, and paid time off, unlike remote workers.
  • Employment benefits will be based on the speed, accuracy, and reliability of your data.
  • You have to work full-time, and the timing will be according to the firm you’re working with.

5. Skills and qualifications required for a data entry job:

Employers seek applicants having a school diploma or a degree in any field. Academic qualifications will be made clear before the data entry interview. The applicant must know using applications like Microsoft Office or Microsoft Excel spreadsheet program.

Make sure to include these skills in your cover letter before applying for a data entry position:

  • Organization
  • Self-motivation
  • Attention to details
  • Attention to details
  • Independent
  • Teamwork
  • Polite
  • Deadline-oriented

6. Salary of data entry jobs:

As mentioned on PayScale, hourly wages for data entry jobs vary from 10$ to 17$ per hour. As you gain experience, it may increase up to 12.92$ per hour.

Other factors that decide the salary for data entry professionals include if the job requires extra tasks like customer service or administrative office duties.

In sectors like hospitality and travel sectors, the data processor may also require tracking client bookings and reservations.

7. Industries hiring data entry operators:

  • Medical and Health: Includes hospitals, medical centers, clinics, and diagnostic labs,
  • Administrative: In an office.
  • Accounting and finance: Includes tax preparations, auditing, payroll, etc.
  • Government and politics: Public record-keeping, elections, etc.
  • Retail and sales: Online sales, collection, logistics, inventory.

8. Companies hiring data entry operators:

Here’s the list of companies that hire data entry operators:

  • Ajilon
  • Adecco
  • Conduent
  • Greene Resources
  • Kelly Services
  • Kforce
  • Mintel
  • RetailData
  • Rose International
  • Symbria

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9. Advantages and Disadvantages of data entry jobs:

Some of the advantages of working in the data entry industry include:
  • Access to jobs quickly: Data entry workers often find employment readily.
  • Independent contractors: A virtual workforce of independent contractors is easy and less expensive to manage.
  • Easy entry in the field: You don’t need a specialized qualification or skills, so it makes an easy entry into this field.
Disadvantages of data entry include:
  • Job scams: Many online ads for work from home data entry jobs are a scam. Any position which offers exceptionally high pay should be avoided. Don’t give your personal information to such scammers and be safe!
  • Low wages: Earning high salaries can be a bit difficult in data entry jobs. You can use this opportunity as a part-time option for gaining extra money.

Data entry work from home is an up-and-coming career nowadays because of it’s increased demand in COVID-19.

I hope this article solved all your queries. Good luck with your future ahead!