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15 Bollywood celebrities who are pure vegetarian

Let us glance at some of the Bollywood Celebs who have adopted for vegetarian lifestyle with a brief description of their lifestyle.

Yes, nowadays a lot of people are drawn towards being a vegetarian? But why? Is it because everyone is following a trend? Or is it because it helps lead a long life? If so, what are the advantages of being a vegetarian?

And also do you know the most of your favorite actors or actresses are assorting to vegetarian food techniques? Do you know that most of them are ambassadors of PETA and are always endorse and influence others to take up a vegan lifestyle?

So, in the article below let us know some Bollywood celebrities who are vegetarian and also how their day goes.

Why are people nowadays drawn to being vegan so much? A simple point, to be healthier and live for a long span. Some others plan on preserving the natural resources of our planet or even might take up a vegan lifestyle just for love on animals.

Scientific research regarding vegetarian lifestyle has also prompted many governments in pleading their citizens to endorse this lifestyle. So let us glance at some of the perks of being a vegetarian:

1. You will shoo away many diseases just by adopting this lifestyle:

Vegetarian diets are more healthful when compared with other average foods observed in our country. They help in preventing, treating, or reversing heart diseases and also in reducing the risk of cancer. A low-fat vegetarian diet is the most efficient way of stopping the progression of coronary artery disease or in preventing it entirely.

2. It helps in keeping your weight down:

The non-vegetarian diet contains a lot of high saturated fats and is low in complex carbohydrates which can increase problems such as obesity rapidly than ever. According to the National Center for Health Statistics, 64 percentage of Adults and 15 percentage of children are overweight. These people are at the risk of facing weight-related diseases which include cardiovascular diseases, stroke, and diabetes.

3. Being vegetarian helps you in awarding a longer life:

The real advantage of being a vegetarian helps you in adding more than 13 years to your lifespan. Yes, and this fact has been proved by many reports and studies. Also, it has been extensively found out that consuming four-legged fat can lead to a shorter life span and can add more disability to your lifespan. Non-vegetarian products can clog your arteries, zap your energy, and slow down your immune system.

4. Being a vegetarian can help you in building stronger bones:

When there isn’t enough calcium in our bloodstream, the bodies get leached out from the existing bone. This feature will lead to the skeletons becoming more porous and will slowly lose strength over time.

People may argue here that non-vegetarian foods contain a more substantial amount of calcium in them, Yes correct. But even vegetarian diets have other nutrients such as phosphorus, magnesium, and Vitamin D, which are necessary for the body in absorbing and using calcium.

5. Vegetarian foods provide you with more amount of energy:

Proper nutrition often helps in generating more usable energy. This energy helps in keeping the pace up with kids, tackle the home improvement project, and also in having a steady and relaxed mind. Too much fat may lead to the closure of the arteries in your bloodstream, which signifies that your muscles may get lower oxygen than needed.

And Bollywood celebrities have understood these positive effects of being a vegan, and endorse this ideally to stay fit and ahead of their time. But how has this become a trend? We know that these Bollywood actors set the direction when it comes to lifestyle and fashion, right? But how are they able to pull off such glossy looks every time?

This attribute of many Bollywood artists is because they are fit. This feature is also the prime reason how they survive long shoot hours for days together. Working out the correct way and eating the right things at the right time should be given utmost importance in maintaining one’s health, and Bollywood celebs are always a step ahead in embracing such qualities.

They follow these qualities so accurately, which inspires us in doing the same.

Now, let us glance at some of the Bollywood Celebs who have adopted for vegetarian lifestyle with a brief description of their lifestyle:

1. Shahid Kapoor:

The Kabir Singh of Bollywood, Shahid Kapoor had embraced vegetarian even before most of the stars did. He has admitted that being a vegetarian is responsible for his smoldering hot looks and staying fit every time. He is also awarded the PETA’s Hottest vegetarian along with Sonam Kapoor.

2. Kangana Ranaut:

One of the actresses who successfully converted into a being a vegetarian from non-vegetarian, Kangana has admitted that being a vegetarian helped her in involving spiritually and has brought a relaxed state in her life.

3. Amitabh Bacchan:

The Big-B of Bollywood, Mr.Bacchan quit eating non-vegetarian foods just because he felt of doing so. No wonder, why even at this elderly age, he looks suave and healthier than other actors of his generation.

4. Sonam Kapoor:

Sonam Kapoor is a lactose intolerant person, and this was primarily the fact why she stopped consuming non-vegetarian products. The actress opines that being a vegan has helped her attain the healthier and fitter lifestyle she is experiencing now.

5. Aamir Khan:

Once a non-vegetarian, Aamir khan has turned a vegetarian and has also given up on milk and dairy products. From his Dangal transformation, we can surely find out that how much Mr.Perfectionist has been benefitted by going green, right?

6. Jacqueline Fernandez:

This Sri Lankan beauty started to go green as she was against animal cruelty. She loves munching on organic food and enjoys staying fitter by eating healthy. She also supports various NGO’s which are against animal cruelty and related to animal protection.

7. Sonakshi Sinha:

Another actress who stopped non-vegetarian lifestyle to stop animal cruelty, Sonakshi Sinha has admitted openly that being a vegan helped her in increasing the metabolism of the body. She lost pounds of weight after adopting a vegan lifestyle and has embodied a perfect physique now.

8. R.Madhavan:

A South Indian Actor, Madhavan was openly against non-vegetarian lifestyle after seeing what goes inside a slaughterhouse. He was aghast after seeing how animals get slaughtered there. He lost his appetite just for the sake of preserving animal flesh and is one of those actors who appealed others to embrace the vegan lifestyle as well.

9. Kareena Kapoor Khan:

The fittest actor of Bollywood, this sexy actress gave up the non-vegetarian appetite to embrace a far healthier lifestyle by the help of vegetarian craving. She has said that she loves home-cooked food a lot compared to outside food and stopped being a non-vegetarian several years ago.

10. Anushka Sharma:

Anushka Sharma was a non-vegetarian before, but it was her love for animals which changed her to a vegan. It was also due to some spiritual reasons that she turned vegan, although the actress admitted that it was tough for her to turn into Vegan completely.

11. Alia Bhatt:

Alia Bhatt, the young generation diva, is one of the actresses who recently joined the vegan bandwagon. She is pretty happy with her vegan lifestyle and is immensely enjoying her new lifestyle and is looking more fitter than ever.

12. Vidya Balan:

One of those actresses who has been vegetarian forever, Mrs.Vidya Balan is vegetarian by choice and has never experienced the non-vegetarian lifestyle.

13. Vidyut Jamwal:

The fittest actor of this generation, Vidyut Jamwal, has been a vegan for more than ten years from now. He says the vegetarian lifestyle has brought him more agility and swiftness in life.

14. Sunny Leone:

Mrs. Leone admitted that it was due to some health-related problems she had to stay away from the non-vegetarian lifestyle. She intakes no alcohol, no caffeine, and no toxins into her body, and the result is elegantly visible on her beautiful face. She is also an eminent ambassador of PETA.

15. Neha Dhupia:

Neha Dhupia turned vegan as she was against the cruelty on animals. She is an ambassador of PETA’s campaign whose sole principle is not eating, wearing and experimenting on animals.

Is being Vegan beneficial?

Yes, it is. That is the reason many have adopted it. So, most of your beloved Bollywood personalities have started to embrace the vegan lifestyle. When are you going to embrace the same? And there are no surprises left in telling that why have they embraced this lifestyle right? An estimated amount of 70 percent of all diseases, which includes one-third of all cancers, are related to diet.

A vegetarian diet will reduce the risk for chronic degenerative diseases such as coronary artery disease, obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure. It also reduces the risk of certain types of cancer which includes colon, prostate, stomach, breast, lung, and esophageal cancer.