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What comes next? TimesNext

The TimesNext Media Group was founded in November 2019 by @Sahil Kohli with a progressive, user-centered philosophy. TimesNext is the future of web news and trending industry events.

Bringing you the most motivating, trustworthy, and popular news and stories about tech startups, NFTs, cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, metaverse, Gaming, and various genres.


Creating an influential universe with the top service and a user-oriented program for conveying the hot happenings from various sectors with the utmost fluency and information.

A squad of the finest and most influential writers works around the clock to provide top-notch technology, startup, bitcoin, NFT, the metaverse, and numerous influential stories and articles.

Everything has a base, and that base is TimesNext, be it a decentralized or centralized network, web3 or web5. All the essential information on cutting-edge digital currencies and the unpredictable market is in one place.

Innovative offsprings

TimesNext is supplying several offspring to construct a virtual environment obligated to provide the industry's best practices, like the futuristic method.

The team is associated with top professionals and prominent writers with the freedom to express and impact the world with the truth, buzz, and top services.

Behind the Scenes

Our team is who we value and rely on most in creating and connecting you with our many portals. Our team of experts has the knowledge and expertise to provide services with the most insightful, first-rate content and the most recent information.

Our futuristic community

Followers - 103k

Employees - 20+

Active Users - 100k+

Availability - 100% Globally

Join our team

If you are an enthusiastic writer with an ingrained interest in futuristic viewing angles toward the expanding tech industry, the metaverse, web3, and many breakthroughs.

Your progress is sound. Connect with us, and we'll show you the way to a future powered by technology.

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“The nest of creative inventors, TimesNext”