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5G in India: Can it bring a revolution in today’s network system?

Let's discuss the latest advancements of 5g in India and how will 5G technology bring a revolution in today’s network system.
Let’s discuss the latest advancements of 5g in India and how will 5G technology bring a revolution in today’s network system.

In the world where a reliable network connection plays a significant role in the working of different daily life operations, people can companies are rushing towards a substantial part in the 5G network. With a lot of mobiles and systems already coming up with a network connection of 5G in India, there is still a very less probability of 5G networks enabling in India any sooner. This is making India stand at a risk of missing out on the 5G powered cycle in the world. Where many countries have enabled the usage of 5G networks, India is still yet to get on to this cycle and somewhat has already delayed this process.

What is 5G Network?

As mobile phones with 5G networking are already present in India, they make their features function behind the similar phones of other countries. We all know network connectivity plays a significant role in every simple task. However, the network connectivity that we have in India is still stuck to the 4G (LTE) and 3G, which is somewhat making our daily function lag behind as compared to the other countries. 5G in India can be up to 10 Gbps, which means at least 100 times faster than 100mbps of 4G. The latency speed or the time of data to travel from the phone to the distant server is almost less than a millisecond. This performance of 5G in India can undoubtedly revolutionize systems to a great extent and save an ample of time. This factor of 5G in India can bring a change in computing marketing and India’s IT sector, which is already thriving to a great extent. 5G in India can make a considerable change and influence the market to a great height in more accessible terms.

How are the Companies preparing themselves for a 5G in India?

To compete with the world with this speed of 5G, the Indian government has already permitted different network suppliers like Reliance Jio, Airtel, Vodafone, etc. for conducting various field tests and trials such that they can choose their productive collaborations with vendors. These companies are already into trying the traffic loads that 5G in India will carry. Every Indian company is working according to their limits and reaches; some of the statics are given below.

Reliance Jio (1)

Ahead of everyone and trying to give other networking companies a fierce competition, Reliance Jio was the first Indian company to approach the government regarding the trials of

5G in India. According to their statement, Reliance Jio is already ready with the launching of 5G in India and wants to invest in the spectrum and types of equipment. They are said to start the trials with the world-renowned company, Samsung, which was already its 4G supplier and has also extended trials for 5G in India with Huawei and Nokia.

Airtel (2)

Airtel has made a statement of 5G trials with Huawei and Nokia and has already deployed 100 hops of 5G technology transmission equipment through Huawei and has improved their capacity. Huawei has already made deals with Cisco & Ericsson for speeding up the core for 5G service.

Use of 5G Spectrum in India

There are different frequency bands available in India soon for the best connectivity of 5G in India. There will be mid bands up to 6Ghz will be present offering 4G at higher speed, and the most upper-frequency bands of almost 20 GHz are already present.

India controls the rights over these frequencies, and the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India has recommended for the spectrum of 3300-3400 Mhz and 3425-3600 Mhz bands to be used as a spectrum for 5G in India. Although, this might be delayed due to the pandemic of Coronavirus, making it difficult for India to run with the Speed of other countries. Moreover, there is already a price issue for the connectivity of the 5G network in India, making it difficult for companies to run them.

5g in India: When can we expect?

With phones supporting the 5G network are already present in India, the price of 5G in India for both consumers and companies will be a big issue. With the high cost and limited radio, the spectrum can together make a delay of at least five years for the introduction of 5G in India. Although, it was highly expected that 5G could have made an appearance in 2020 due to the world facing COVID-19, and the price is collectively causing the lest delay of 5G in India at least till mid-2021. All this together may only be available for ordinary people till 2022. Hence, we can conclude that India is running at a way slower pace as compared to other foreign countries.


5G in India is in high demand; as people and companies are a hub in India, people should always be equipped with the latest technologies. The government and TRAI are already doing a lot to enhance network connectivity in India. Although these 5G networks should have come till now, it’s better late than never, and hence, people yet have to wait for at least two years for having a robust 5G connectivity in India.