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A91 Partners Eyes Monumental $750 Million Fund to Fuel Startup Growth

A91 Partners, renowned for backing leading startups like Digit General Insurance and Sugar Cosmetics, is poised to raise a groundbreaking $750 million fund, marking a significant milestone in its investment journey and signaling robust growth prospects for the Indian startup ecosystem.

Venture Capital Powerhouse Sets Sights on Expansive Growth

A91 Partners, a Mumbai-based investment firm celebrated for backing success stories like Digit General Insurance, Aye Finance, and Sugar Cosmetics, is on the brink of securing its largest fund yet, aiming for a staggering $700-750 million. This move marks a significant leap from its previous funds, showcasing the escalating confidence in the Indian market's potential.

Strategic Expansion in Investment Horizons

With the proposed fund, A91 Partners is looking to elevate its investment game, potentially increasing the average investment stakes from the current $20-30 million to an impressive $35-40 million. This strategic shift underscores the firm's commitment to nurturing capital-efficient and growth-driven enterprises across a spectrum of sectors, including consumer goods, technology, financial services, and healthcare.

A Legacy of Mid-Stage Startup Nurturing

Since its inception in 2018 by former Sequoia executives V.T. Bharadwaj, Abhay Pandey, and Gautam Mago, A91 Partners has been at the forefront of mid-stage startup investments. The firm successfully closed its first fund at $351 million in 2019, followed by a $550 million second fund in 2021, underscoring its robust investment approach and the trust it commands in the investment community.

Noteworthy Exits and Future Endeavors

A91 Partners boasts strategic exits from its portfolio, including a notable departure from Atomberg Technologies, further solidifying its reputation as a savvy investor. With its eyes set on the new fund, A91 Partners is poised to not only continue its legacy of successful investments but also significantly impact the growth trajectory of its portfolio companies.

A Vibrant Future for Indian Startups

The venture's fundraising ambitions align with a broader trend of domestic investment powerhouses gearing up to secure substantial India-dedicated funds, signifying a bullish outlook on the Indian startup ecosystem. As A91 Partners gears up to market its third fund, the venture capital landscape in India is set for an exciting phase of growth and innovation.