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Agnikul Cosmos to Launch its Rocket with Alaska Aerospace Corporation

Agnikul Cosmos
Moin SPM and Shrinath Ravichandran, the Founders of Agnikul Cosmos

India’s private space industry observes a spike in the space tech segment for innovation and new startups. The Government of India is also giving efforts to give a push to private space activities in the country. The Aerospace startup, based in Chennai, Agnikul Cosmos (1), considers itself a specialist in rocket technology.

It has recently made a crucial partnership with the Alaska Aerospace Corporation to test-launch its rocket, “Agnibaan.” The agreement would allow the rocket maker to test-launch its rocket from the Pacific Space Complex of Alaska Aerospace, located in the Kodiak Island, Alaska, in the US. As per the reports, the firm will execute the first test launch in 2020.

The agreement states that both firms will get the necessary approvals from their respective governments. The agreement’s objective is to conduct rocket launches, spaceport activities, and at least one test-launch from the Pacific Spaceport Complex Alaska.

Notably, the rocket, Agnibaan, is currently under development. After it is built, it would have the capacity to carry over 100 kg of payload to up to 700 km on low Earth orbits. According to the Agnikul Cosmos, the rocker can plug and play its engine configuration as per the mission’s requirement. Moreover, it is an added advantage to launch it from a high altitude Alaska base.

Agnikul Cosmos is Making a Steady Progress Towards the Launch

Agnikul Cosmos also allows custom rocket solutions while also allowing its customers to build their vehicles according to the payload and configuration. The startup also has its under-development mobile launch platform, “Dhanush”, which can launch the Agnibaan rocket. The firm has built and conceives the launch partner as a separate product. It enables the launching process to be repeatable and reliable.

Agnikul Cosmos took Twitter to announce their new partnership. They stated that it had been exactly 1 year since the company gave their Made In India solution to our honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi. It added that today the team is humbled to take our homegrown product worldwide as a global solution. It also thanked the Alaska Aerospace.

While commenting on the latest development, Srinath Ravichandran, the CEO of Agnikul Cosmos, stated that the announced highlights the company’s steady progress towards the launch. He added that it is an excellent opportunity for the company to showcase our Made in India for launch services across the world.

The President of Alaska Aerospace, Mark Lester, stated that the team is delighted to partner with Agnikul Cosmos for high incline flight testing. He added that Agnikul had established itself as a leading company in terms of rocket technology.