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AI Skilling Program: Nasscom FutureSkills Collaborates with Microsoft

AI Skilling Program

As per a statement, Nasscom FutureSkills (1) has partnered Microsoft to launched AI Skilling Program across India. As per the report, the initiative will skills over 1 million Indian students by 2021.

With the AI Skilling Program, students will access the Artificial Intelligence of Microsoft, machine learning, and expertise in data science. The program will run via modules that include live demos, workshops, and assignments.

Nasscom FutureSkills, the National Association of Software and Service Companies, is an IT industry lobby. It offers digital learning programs via FutureSkills.

AI Skilling Program to Build Intelligent Solutions

The sessions on AI Skilling Program are available for UG students at zero cost. It will cover the basics of machine learning models, AI, data science, and cognitive services.

The program will commence on 21 September. The initiative is called as “AI Classroom Series” will be placed in three modules.

The partnership between Microsoft and Nasscom is an extension of Microsoft’s initiative to help 25 million people across the world get new digital skills. The move with thrive millennials into a much needed digital economy.

Rohini Srivathsa, National Technology Officer at Microsoft India, stated that economies are now recovering from the pandemic. There is an expansion in access to digital skills, as it will be among the vital drivers of the economy’s inclusive growth.

She added that AI and other related technologies are now required for every business these days. It makes it vital for the Indian economy and its social value creation to have an AI-ready ecosystem.

Various experts from Nasscom, Microsoft, and around the globe will take the teaching sessions for AI Skilling Program. Students can select multiple time slots, and they will also have to freedom to plan their learning pace.

Amit Aggarwal, VP, and CEO of IT-ITes Sector Skills Council at Nasscom, stated that the program aims to build future generations with AI talent. The move will also generate job creation with reskilling and upskilling for upcoming years.