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How Anjali Tripathi and team are working towards a comprehensive platform for law students in the country – Lex Jura Law Journal

Lex Jura Law Journal is focused on legal publishing, but Anjali and team have an aim to build a platform to form a comprehens
Lex Jura Law Journal is focused on legal publishing, but Anjali and team have an aim to build a platform to form a comprehensive platform for law students.

The legal sector of our country is working well in the development phase as the decision on some serious matters has been taking place recently. Various law journals in the country are currently working in the direction of updating the country, especially the law sector, with the latest developments in the legal world and put light on legal issues, scientific research, facts, and inside-study backing such information.

However, not all journals work correctly, and there work is not up to the mark when it comes to the quality of the content they are offering. Another issue that they witnessed is that many law students found it challenging to get their exemplary research work published on various platforms because of the economic constraints or quality issues. Seeing this, two sisters decided to fix the problem with their thought process. Aparna and Anjali Tripathi focused on making a law journal, and this leads to the launch of Lex Jura Law Journal.

Anjali Tripathi

Born and brought up in Noida, Anjali Tripathi believes that she was well versed in studies but not the scholar type. After completing her 10th and 12th from Vishwa Bharati Public School, Noida, she pursued her dream of becoming an advocate and joined the Amity Law School in Delhi. An avid reader and occasional writer, this 20 years old is still in the 3rd year of her studies, and she is already an entrepreneur and soon to be a lawyer.

The startup is focused on legal publishing, but Anjali and her friends started this venture with a higher motive. The idea behind this platform to form a comprehensive platform for law students and not for the law journal. This journal was a way to spread legal knowledge and awareness and opinion of the young law students.

The initial challenges for their startup

Team behind Lex Jura Law Journal
The team behind Lex Jura Law Journal

In conversation with TimesNext, Anjali says that, according to her, ups and downs are a part of the journey, and without them, there is no story nor the inspiration to continue the work. In the beginning, they found it challenging to find the necessary resources and an efficient IT team, but with time they learned things and found the perfect fit.

She believes that any hurdle that is coming their way or will be coming their way is another opportunity for her and her team to be stronger.

The collaborations by the journal and the first milestone

The journal has teamed up with various events like Conference on Criminal Law by Aiding Hands Foundation and Client Counselling Competition by Amity Law School Noida. Since they are a part of a new industry, and the partnerships come with responsibilities and pressure. However, these experiences helped them improving their managing skills and help reach out to more people with their brand.

The first milestone

The first milestone for the journal, according to Anjali, was when she found the right team that shared confidence, trust, and who assured her that her venture would be in safe hands. According to her, starting something is tough, but once you start something, the rest becomes easy.

The current growth and the vision for the company

Due to the rules and regulations, she couldn’t go into minute details regarding the turnovers and profits of the firm, but what she has noticed in the past few months is that their venture has gained momentum and made a presence in the market.

The founders of the company are all students, and two of them will graduate this year. All of them have their careers to work on apart from focusing on the journal, and two of them are still in 3rd year, and they won’t compromise their academics at any cost. This is why they are planning to take things slow and have planned things in phases like conducting workshops on legal awareness and spread knowledge among law students, school students, and the vulnerable class of the society.