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Announcement: TimesNext is on a Lookout for Media and Career-Related Indian Startups for Acquisition

This is a shout out for all the media and career-related startups looking for potential acquirers to sell their business to.
This is a shout out for all the media and career-related startups looking for potential acquirers to sell their business to.

TimesNext is on a lookout for acquiring India-based startups from the media, career, or job industry currently. If you are an Indian startup looking to get acquired or want to sell your startup as a potential exit, you can contact us on our official email address at

We understand that a startup is an essential part of a founder’s life who works hard to nurture it into a thriving business. However, sometimes businesses are not successful in achieving their goals, leading to the acquisition and selling off of the startup.

About TimesNext

TimesNext Private Limited is a private registered company incorporated on 24th June 2019, in Mohali, India. The firm is the owner and operator of, the leading startup news and startup stories platform that covers all the information and content related to the Indian Startup Ecosystem and its new venture, a comprehensive job and internship search engine.


The Right Time to Sell Your Startup

For any founder, his/her startup is a dream, but there are times when the option to sell your startup unfurls, it might come your way as a form of choice or a need. Nevertheless, if you believe that you’ve reached your saturation point on working on the startup or want to focus your energy on a new and more important project, it might be time for you to sell your startup.

Startup acquisitions are often looked down upon by a certain set of individuals. However, we believe that every person, be it an entrepreneur or not, can not remain the same person throughout their lives, Change is the only constant in our lives, and at times, our priorities in life change, and sticking to something we don’t want can be exhausting.

There are majorly four reasons that lead to a startup acquisition or sell-out:

1. Unfavorable market: If there is an upcoming recession or an unfavorable environment for the functioning of the company presently or in the near future, selling the startup can be considered as an attractive option.

2. You’ve utilized your maximum potential: This is one of the biggest reasons responsible for acquisitions and selling out of startups. Usually, founders put in their 100% efforts into making a startup a stable and efficient workplace but are left with almost no motivation when they achieve their goal, often focussing on other opportunities down the road.

3. Things aren’t working well: If you foresee your company functioning poorly, the first step that you must take as an executive is to try to fix it. However, if you’re unable to stabilize the business despite every effort, you may consider selling it.

4. External factors: Sometimes, somethings that happen outside the company boundaries makes selling the company a lucrative offer for the entrepreneurs.

Overall, assessing the right time to sell your startup depends upon the market conditions and your potential future opportunities. If you are also on a lookout for potential investors or acquirers, you can contact TimesNext on their email address.