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Apple Announces Its First Online Store in India: Tim Cook

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple Inc

Apple (1) will launch its first online Apple store in India on September 23, says Tim Cook, CEO of Apple. The online store will offer its full product range and direct support to its customers throughout the country. Tim had stated that the company would soon launch its first online store in India this year while adding that its physical retail store would open in 2021.

Cook took Twitter to announce that the company recognizes how essential it is for customers to stay in touch with their loved ones and those around them. Notably, the company has been operating in India for the past 20 years. Apple is currently selling its product in India via online marketplaces like Amazon and Flipkart and other third-party sellers. India’s government had relaxed FDI, Foreign Direct Investment, to give a push to single market retail, last year. It offers market players more flexibility regarding the norms for local sources.

The new guidelines have been done away with a provision requiring foreign companies to set up a store before entering the online retail market. After the government’s move, Apple had announced that its enthusiastic about offering an online and in-store experience to its Indian customers with its global standards.

Apple Online Store to Offer Premium Experience to Its Indian Customers

The online store of Apple would allow its users to shop for its products with its online specialists’ assistance to help with various services. It includes configuring and setting up new Apple devices. In a blog, the company also stated that India would get the same premium experience as the other Apple store located across the globe. Users will be able to get advice, guidance, and learn about its new products directly from the company in both Hindi and English.

The Senior VP of retail and people of Apple, Deirdre O’Brien, stated that the company is proud to expand in the Indian market and do all we can to support its customers and communities. The company understands that people are using technology to stay connected with their loved ones, engaging in learning and creativity. In this challenging time, the company will offer the best by bringing Apply Online Store.