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AutoVRse Raises $2 Mn Seed Funding to Propel AR/VR Innovation

AutoVRse secures $2 million in seed funding from Lumikai to advance its VR/AR solutions and gaming initiatives, signaling a new chapter of innovation and expansion in the immersive technology space.

AutoVRse, a pioneering virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) startup, has successfully secured $2 million in seed funding led by Lumikai, a prominent investor in the gaming and interactive media sector. The funding round also witnessed the participation of industry luminaries such as Rajat Monga, co-founder of TensorFlow and, and Yash Kotak, founder of

Fueling Innovation and Expansion

With the infusion of fresh capital, AutoVRse aims to bolster its foundational enterprise product, VRseBuilder, which enables the creation of customized VR/AR applications tailored for experiential marketing, training, skill development, and design reviews. Co-founded by Adarsh Muthappa and Ashwin Jaishanker in 2016, AutoVRse has garnered recognition for its innovative approach to leveraging immersive technologies across diverse industries.

Bridging Realities: Gaming and Enterprise Solutions

In addition to its enterprise-focused initiatives, AutoVRse has ventured into the gaming realm with the launch of "District M," a multiplayer rhythm VR game set in the captivating Multiverse Dance Festival. The game's debut on Oculus AppLab marked the beginning of an immersive gaming experience, with plans for subsequent releases on Meta and Playstation platforms. By synergizing its gaming endeavors with enterprise product development, AutoVRse seeks to drive innovation and create impactful solutions for its clientele.

Scaling Ambitions: Expansion into the United States

AutoVRse is poised to accelerate its expansion efforts, particularly in the United States, where it aims to establish a robust presence and augment its product suite and team size. The company plans to establish a dedicated B2B sales team in the US to facilitate lead generation and capitalize on market opportunities.

Visionary Leadership and Investor Confidence

Muthappa and Jaishanker expressed their excitement about the transformative potential of VR in addressing real-world challenges, especially in industries reliant on large-scale manufacturing. Lumikai's founding general partner, Salone Sehgal, lauded AutoVRse's commitment to innovation and its ability to deliver scalable VR solutions. The partnership between Lumikai and AutoVRse underscores a shared vision of building a world-class AR/VR company poised for enduring success.

Embracing the Journey Ahead

As AutoVRse embarks on its next phase of growth and innovation, fueled by the recent funding infusion, the company remains committed to pushing the boundaries of immersive technologies. With a focus on driving impact across industries and creating captivating experiences, AutoVRse is primed for an exhilarating journey of exploration and innovation in the AR/VR landscape.