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BBRRMM Foods, Mumbai-based Startup Gets a New Prospective


BBRRMM Foods (1), a Mumbai-based startup, is a quick response e-commerce platform for groceries and daily food essentials for people under lockdown. During the COVID-19 pandemic, most people find is seamless to opt for Grocery delivery applications for their daily necessities. However, there are long waiting periods and slow responses due to the spike in demand.

The 18-year-old found the gap in the market and came up with BBRRMM Foods. Bhargav used his resources to turn his business into an innovative e-marketplace for groceries. In a recent development, he stated that even though there are enough supplies, the delivery slots are crammed on most platforms. That’s when the services of BBRRMM Foods come in. The staff and dedicated delivery partners promise delivery within 24 hours across the city.

BBRRMM Foods Provides 24/7 Service on WhatsApp

The mission of the e-commerce market place is to transform the Indian grocery shopping experience. The startup has its mobile-friendly website, but the vital point that sets its services from others is its availability on WhatsApp.

Bhargav further added that people are still switching to a digital platform and under a learning curve. For people who are not tech-savvy, it could be a hassle to place orders. With BBRRMM Foods, they can place their orders on WhatsApp by sending a message. The team will then punch an order from their behalf. It makes the platform easy to use, efficient, and quick, especially for senior citizens. It also provides 24/7 services for responding queries and coordinating delivery schedules.

Because of its simplicity, efficiency, and quick services, the startup has quickly gained popularity in Mumbai. At present, it is giving a direct competition to e-commerce giants and other delivery services in the city. The company sanitizes its warehouse every hour while maintaining strict safety protocols, says Bhargav. The company has over 30 brands on its platform and planning to have more than 500 brands in the upcoming months.