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Best Entertainment Apps In India(2020)

Entertainment apps in India


  1. Introduction
  2. Best Entertainment Apps In India


As we know, the entertainment sector is booming amidst the pandemic. Many trends began that encouraged usage of many social media apps like Instagram, Snapchat, etc. Besides this, many people started subscribing to platforms to watch movies and TV shows. Let’s see the best entertainment apps in India in 2020.

Best Entertainment Apps In India:


Entertainment apps in India

Hotstar + Disney is one of the best entertainment Apps in India. This platform offers all the latest Hollywood and local content. This entertainment app offers Disney movies, animations, and TV shows too. One of the main reasons behind Hotstar’s popularity is the live streaming of the recently started Indian Premier League. Approximately 50 lakh people stream the IPL matches every night. Hotstar and Disney also provide popular TV shows like Game of Thrones(1), Modern Family, Chernobyl, and other popular HBO originals. The regional section also offers many popular Kannada, Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu movies.

Jio TV:

Entertainment apps in India

Just like Hotstar, Jio TV is a competitor for the best entertainment Apps In India. Jio, Reliance owns this streaming platform. Jio TV is extremely popular in India. This is mainly because people get easy access to this platform. Just subscribing to Jio sim gives you complete access to Jio TV. Many regional and bollywood movies are available here. Many popular Hindi films like Golmaal, Dhoom, etc. are available here. Besides this, Jio TV also offers all the latest and popular TV shows, live sports( including cricket and football), and the latest national and international news. This platform provides instant access to more than 600 channels in 15+ languages. Some of these channels are also available in a full High Definition quality. One of the best parts about this platform is that the users can download any movies or TV shows available. Hence, they can watch during their free time.


Entertainment apps in India

Zee5 is yet another movie and TV show streaming platform. This is one of the best Entertainment apps in India. All the regional movies and TV shows are available on zee5. One of the exciting features of Zee5 is that all the local TV shows are live-streamed here. Many popular Hindi movies are available on this streaming platform. Zee5 is available for a low price to make it available for everyone. Besides movies and TV shows, Zee5 also offers the latest national and international news updates. You can even watch live news. Many Zee5 exclusive web series are available.

Live IPL 2020:

Entertainment apps in India

Premier League has taken off recently. This league was postponed due to the pandemic. But, as soon as it started, many people began downloading the Live IPL app. Hence, it’s no doubt Live IPL is one of the best entertainment apps in India. This application streams all the Indian Premier League matches live. Hence, it attracts many people in India as the popularity of cricket and IPL is enormous. Approximately 10 lakh people view the Live game through the Live IPL 2020 app.

Twitch: Livestream multiplayer games:

Entertainment apps in India

Twitch is described as a live streaming platform that allows many gamers to stream their games for others to watch while they play. Amidst this pandemic, Twitch climbed up to compete for the Best Entertainment Apps in India. Amazon owns Twitch. The e-commerce giant bought it for around one billion dollars in 2014. The pandemic has bought out an interest in gaming for many people. This pushed Twitched to increase its popularity in India. Many people now stream popular games like Among Us, Fall Guys, Call Of Duty, Valorant, etc., in Twitch. Many viewers opt for Twitch to understand the game better and even learn useful tricks and tactics.

Amazon Prime Video:

Entertainment apps in India

Most of 2020 were spent in quarantine due to the pandemic. Hence, many people chose to watch movies and TV shows to entertain themselves. Amazon Prime Video came to the rescue here. This is one of the best entertainment apps in India. Many regional language movies are available here. Most of the new Hindi film like Gulabo Sitabo etc. was released on Amazon Prime Video. This is because most of the people have this app. Besides this, popular English TV shows like The Office, Two and A Half Men, Young Sheldon, etc., are available here.

MX Player Online: Web Series, Games, and Music:

Entertainment apps in India

MX Player evolved from a video player to one of the best entertainment apps in India. Now, the app features all the popular Kannada, Telugu, Hindi, and Tamil movies. Many web series are released on MX Player Online. Most of the content here is available for free. But, the users have to pay to get access to exclusive content like popular web series. Besides movies and TV shows, MX Player, also features many small 2D games that are very addictive and fun. Hence, we can call this as an all-in-one entertainment app.