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On Wednesday, Waybeo Technology Solutions (1) cracked a breakthrough when telecom giant Bharti Airtel (2) stated that it is acquiring a ten percent stake in the company. The giant is focusing on its deep AI analytics for cloud telephony with the development. The deal is a part of the Airtel Startup Accelerator Programme. It would enable Waybeo to earn more extensive distribution reach, as per a press release.

The Thiruvananthapuram-based startup, founded in 2011 by Krishnan R V, is now aiming towards the scale-up space of Kerala Startup Mission. The company aims to offer assistance to create a startup ecosystem that would support the Digital India movement. Bharti Airtel, the telecom giant, helps the early stage startups with their growth via its Airtel Startup Accelerator Programme.

Collaboration Between Waybeo and Bharti Airtel to Get Telephone-based AI Services

On the latest development, Krishnan R V, CEO of Waybeo Technology Solutions, stated that the partnership with Bharti Airtel would help the telecom giant to utilize telephone-based AI services.

Krishnan further added that the team at Waybeo Technology Solutions envision a technology that would analyze the customer feedbacks of Bharti Airtel. Other than that, the team is also improving its automation for the telecom giant’s better performance.

Since collaboration is a Business to Business, it will allow the company to get more similar deals in the future. As per Krishnan, the team is more than capable of offering prospects in commerce beyond internet services and mobile phones.

Notably, there is a rapid growth registration in the cloud telephony market of India. Businesses are moving the entire process firmly. The movement would give prominence to cloud-based companies in the country.

Krishnan R V Iyer, Bijoy B S, and Manu Dev founded Waybeo Technology Solutions in 2008. The firm has developed deep AI-powered cutting-edge analytics tools for the cloud telephony segment.