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Bitcoin to INR: Top Ways to check Bitcoin Price & buy Bitcoin in India

bitcoin to inr
In this article, we’ve mentioned some of the top ways that you can use to check the Bitcoin price in India and two other top ways of buying Bitcoin online.

Bitcoin or BTC has risen to become one of the worthiest assets owned by individuals in the frisky stock market. The cryptocurrency was invented by an individual named Satoshi Nakamoto and who revealed the Bitcoin back in October 2008 and launched it as an open-source code in 2009. Today, 1 Bitcoin price in INR amounts to over Rs 6,00,000+ (Bitcoin to INR price open to fluctuations).

In this article, we’ll be talking about the top ways that you can use to keep a check on the ever-fluctuating Bitcoin price in INR. As a crypto enthusiast, this is an excellent way of being on a constant lookout for investment opportunities in the crypto market, keeping a close eye on the plunge in the crypto share market. You can read the latest crypto news to keep yourself updated.

Fact: Bitcoin was started at a price of $0 in 2009.

Top Ways to Check Bitcoin Price in India (Bitcoin to INR)

We have listed down a few of the best ways which you can use to check the Bitcoin price in India (Bitcoin to INR) below,

1. Search Engines

You can keep track of the present Bitcoin price in India by merely typing Bitcoin price today or Bitcoin price on search engines like Google (1), Yahoo (2), Bing (3), etc. The search engines, besides, to providing you with the millions of results to choose from, present the Bitcoin price of the present day in its featured box.

2. CryptoViral

CryptoViral is one of the leading crypto news aggregator platforms that allows its users to read crypto-related news from around the world from multiple sources at its one-stop-platform. CryptoViral also allows its users to keep track of the current Bitcoin price in India (Bitcoin price in INR) at its platform.

You can visit CryptoViral here.

3. CoinDesk

CoinDesk’s (4) Bitcoin Price Index tracker allows you to keep a check on the rising and falling prices of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency in the market. There are multiple reasons responsible for surging and plunging price of the Bitcoin like,

  • Change in government’s crypto policy
  • Mining
  • Ponzi schemes
  • Wide rise or fall in traders, and more

Top Ways to Buy Bitcoin in India

The situation for the cryptocurrency is at a standstill with crypto enthusiasts eagerly waiting for the pending court decision on the crypto case, which can either make cryptocurrency illegal or free it from its shackles. However, currently, only financial institutions cannot deal in crypto, without any mention of individuals.

Here are a few ways to buy Bitcoin in India:

1. Unocoin

Unocoin is regarded as one of the most popular crypto exchanges in India that deals in crypto. The platform allows users to buy Bitcoin via NEFT, IMPS, and RTGS bank deposits, charging a minimal trading fee of 0.7%. The popular crypto exchange platform allows its users to purchase up to 10 BTC per day, and a maximum selling of 2 Bitcoin per day.

You can visit the Unocoin platform here.

2. LocalBitcoins

LocalBitcoins is another excellent crypto exchange platform that allows users to trade Bitcoin via escrow service, enabling person to person exchanges of Bitcoin. It’s like the Amazon of buying crypto. On LocalBitcoins, you place a request for exchanging a specific amount of fiat currency in exchange for Bitcoin. The vendors who agree with the deal facilitate exchange.

You can visit LocalBitcoin’s site here.


Overall, these were a few of the top spaces where you can view the price of Bitcoin in a few clicks and the other two platforms where you can buy Bitcoin online when a favorable Bitcoin purchasing situation arises. However, cryptocurrency is still not considered as a legal tender in India, and Indians are at constant risk of losing all their money if the judgment comes out in favor of RBI.