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Bomb Threat Emails Sent to Three Prominent Bengaluru Hotels, Prompting Immediate Police Response

Following recent bomb threat emails sent to three prominent hotels in Bengaluru, including The Oterra, police have deployed bomb disposal teams to ensure safety. This comes shortly after similar hoaxes targeted schools and government buildings.

Bengaluru police have sprung into action following bomb threat emails sent to three renowned hotels in the city, including The Oterra. According to DCP South East Bengaluru, as reported by ANI, bomb disposal and detection squads have promptly been dispatched to the sites to ensure safety and conduct thorough searches.

This unsettling development occurs just one day after the North Block, home to the Ministry of Home Affairs, also received a bomb threat email, which was subsequently deemed a hoax.

This series of threats is not isolated to Bengaluru. Back in April, a similar wave of hoax bomb threats targeted multiple schools across Delhi-NCR, Jaipur, Uttar Pradesh, and Bengaluru, causing widespread alarm and disruption. The Delhi High Court has since been involved, calling for a detailed report on these incidents to better understand the responses and measures taken.

In response to the court's request, Delhi Police submitted a comprehensive report on May 17. The report outlined the strategic deployment of five bomb disposal squads and 18 bomb detection teams throughout the capital to safeguard public spaces, particularly educational institutions.

Given that there are 1,764 schools in the Central Range, 1,032 in the Eastern Range, 1,762 in the Western Range, and 76 in the New Delhi Range, petitioners have expressed concerns about the adequacy of current measures. They are calling for a more robust and comprehensive action plan to handle such threats and ensure the ongoing safety of students and the general public.

The recurrence of these hoax threats highlights the need for vigilant security protocols and quick response measures to prevent potential disruptions and maintain public safety.