Skip to content Co-Founders Entangled in Legal Challenges co-founders Sachin Dev Duggal and Saurabh Dhoot face legal troubles in India, with allegations of money laundering and loan fraud, respectively. Learn how these developments might affect their AI-driven startup.

The founding duo behind the AI-centric startup finds themselves amidst legal turmoil as they face accusations by the Enforcement Directorate (ED) in India. In a surprising turn of events, Sachin Dev Duggal and Saurabh Dhoot have been implicated in separate criminal investigations, raising questions about their past business dealings and the future of their current venture.

Sachin Dev Duggal is under scrutiny for an alleged money laundering case linked to the now-defunct electronics conglomerate Videocon. The ED's investigation into suspicious transactions between Duggal's former company and Videocon has led to his current status as a suspect, following initial summons in 2022 to testify as a witness. Despite Duggal's appeal against a non-bailable warrant issued by Delhi High Court and his legal team's assertion of cooperation with the investigation, the situation remains tense.

On the other side, Saurabh Dhoot faces allegations related to an entirely different loan fraud case. The specifics of Dhoot's case remain under wraps, but his involvement has certainly added another layer of complexity to the narrative surrounding's leadership.

The Backdrop of, established in London and previously known as, was co-founded by Duggal and Dhoot with the vision of democratizing app and website development through AI, likening the process to "ordering pizza." Their innovative approach caught the attention of major tech investors, including Microsoft and SoftBank's DeepCore AI-focused fund. The company's recent $250 million funding round, led by Qatar’s sovereign wealth fund, underscores its significant impact on the tech landscape.

The Journey from University to Tech Stardom

Duggal and Dhoot's partnership dates back to their university days in the early 2000s, blossoming into a professional collaboration that led to the creation of Despite their current legal challenges, their journey from college friends to co-founders of a leading AI startup has been marked by ambition and innovation.

Implications for

While the legal issues faced by Duggal and Dhoot are separate from, they cast a shadow over the company's leadership and could potentially impact its reputation. The startup's legal representatives emphasize that both cases are unrelated to's operations, aiming to distinguish the company's ongoing success from its founders' personal legal battles.