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Chinese Hackers Breach Indian Immigration Data: A Cybersecurity Alert

Chinese hackers breach Indian immigration data, exposing over 95 GB of sensitive information. Learn about the targeted cyber espionage campaign and its implications for national security.

In a concerning revelation, Chinese hackers have penetrated Indian immigration databases, compromising over 95.2 GB of sensitive information, as reported by The Washington Post. This breach is part of a broader cyber intrusion campaign targeting multiple countries, including Malaysia, Taiwan, and South Korea.

A Targeted Cyber Espionage Campaign

The hacking efforts primarily focus on exploiting software vulnerabilities in prominent companies like Apple, Google, and Microsoft. Leaked documents, recently surfaced on Github, expose successful breaches involving 80 overseas entities, ranging from immigration databases in India to call logs of South Korea’s LG U Plus telecom provider.

The Role of ISoon: Facilitator of Cyber Intrusions

The leaked cache is attributed to ISoon, a Shanghai-based company known for providing hacking and data gathering services to Chinese state-owned enterprises and government agencies. More than 570 files, images, and chat logs highlight the extensive nature of these cyber intrusions.

Sophisticated Techniques and Disguised Devices

Chinese state actors employ a variety of techniques, including the use of disguised devices like power strips and batteries, to compromise Wi-Fi networks and conduct surveillance. Additionally, they target social media platforms to track users' online activities and access private communications.

Growing Concerns and National Security Implications

US intelligence officials have expressed deep concerns over Chinese cyber espionage activities, considering them a significant threat to national security. Similarly, the Indian government has taken measures to counter potential surveillance threats, including banning Chinese mobile applications.

Rising Cybersecurity Challenges for India

The breach of Indian immigration data adds to the growing cybersecurity challenges faced by the country. With cyberattacks on the rise, India witnessed a staggering 13.91 lakh cybersecurity incidents in 2022, highlighting the urgent need for robust cybersecurity measures.