Skip to content Secures Undisclosed Fundings From Java Capital, no code Saas personalized startup (1), has recently raised an undisclosed fund. The latest pre-seed funding round was led by Java Capital. Other investors, such as Upsparks, LetsVenture, and FirstCheque, also participated in the financing round.

Ashwin Kumar and Shoaib Mohammed launched in May 2019. It provides a hyper-personalized website.

The platform analyzes your website’s insights via its traffic and visitor journey. Based on the data, they give you the optimum conversion of website traffic into leads.

Ashwin Kumar, Co-founder, and CEO stated that personalized marketing is now a vital strategy for B2B businesses. transforms webportal into a #1 sales associate or a growth engine. It personalizes the platform precisely for each visitor. Hence, it makes the buying process quick and easy.

He added that it has several advantages, including more engagement and interaction with the target audience. It, in turn, results in more and better conversions, communication that gives more loyalty. convert Websites Traffic to Quality Lead.

The Bengaluru-based startup dynamically transforms the website content and CTA according to visitors’ characteristics and the company size, vertical, sources, current product. It also analyses visitors’ past behavior and interests.

Such changes help businesses understand their users’ wants and needs, which leads to finding what their consumers are looking for.

Vinod Shankar, Partner Java Capital, in a statement, said that every individual is a maker when it comes to the software tools development. The time is gone, where developers and engineers only used these tools.

The no-code tools would be handy for freelancers, designers, product managers, and marketers to enhance their sales while making their path rapidly. He added that personalization or customization tools were developed since the beginning of the internet era. Now, every generation is making advanced and better tools.

The Java Capital believes that will give the control back to marketers and business teams to reduce their dependence on the developers.

Venture Capitalists and startup ecosystem enablers who have over 15 years of experience are running Java Capital. They make investments across pre-seed, seed, and early-stage investments. The focus is mainly on fintech, SaaS, health tech, internet, deep tech mobile, and deep tech.