Danish Zehen – A Rising Star who will be remembered for a lifetime

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  1. Who was Danish Zehen
  2. Danish Zehen’s Career
  3. Net Worth of Danish Zehen
  4. Danish Zehen’s Death
  5. Physical Stats of Danish Zehen
  6. Some Other Facts about Danish Zehen


1. Who was Danish Zehen

Danish Zehen
Danish Zehen

a) Danish Zehen was born on March 16th, 1996, in Kurla, Maharashtra, India. He was born in a middle-class family. Even during his childhood, he inclined fitness, dancing, singing, styling, and video blogging. 

b) He was known for being experimental towards his hairstyle and hair colors, which shows that he had a habit of trying different looks.

c) He studied at Kedarnath Vidya Prasarini’s English High School in Mumbai. During that period as well, he usually participated in several school events as a hip-hop dancer and a rapper. He completed his graduation from the University of Mumbai. His hobbies of singing, dancing, and styling helped him make a career in the chosen field. He chose the most convenient ways and worked hard to hone his skills. 

d) Any information about Danish Zehen’s girlfriend is not verified yet.


2. Danish Zehen’s Career

Danish Zehen

a) In the year 2012, he started his Digital Career in the field of rapping and uploaded a few of his rap songs on his channel. He gained an approx of 423,826 subscribers on the YouTube Channel and 1.4 million followers on his Instagram account. This fame lead to his success, and he got the opportunity of being the brand ambassador of Gillette. Check Danish Zehen Instagram account here.

b) In the year 2018, he appeared in MTV Ace of Space Season 1, due to which he became famous among many teens and adults. But left the show twice because of some personal emergency. 

c) On his YouTube channel, Danish did the reviews of several beauty products, dietary items, gave tips on styling, and was very much interested in bikes. His YouTube channel also has another segment, namely, Danish Zehen Fitness, where he used to upload his fitness videos. 

d) He also promoted his Musically and Tik Tok videos regularly on various platforms. His fans used to call him Fambruh, and he referred to himself as #coolestbadboi.


3. Net Worth of Danish Zehen

Danish Zehen became a very famous social media star, and this not only provided him enough fame but also an earning in decent amounts. His estimated earnings as of the year 2018 were INR 1,00,000 per month, yet the net worth has not been revealed.


4. Danish Zehen’s Death

Danish Zehen

Danish Zehen, who was a famous face on many social media handles, died a fatal death in a road accident. While he was driving back to Navi Mumbai after attending a wedding in Kurla, he lost control of his car and collided with a street pole. This incident happened around 12.30 AM, and Danish was rushed to a nearby hospital but was already dead by that time. His death awakened the feelings of sadness among many fans, and it felt like waking up to the worst nightmare. He passed away on December 20th, 2018, while he met an accident on Vashi Highway in Mumbai.


5. Physical Stats of Danish Zehen

Danish Zehen

a) Danish Zehen has a good height of 168 cm, which is 5’6” in feet inches. b) He weighed around 70 kg or 157 lbs. 

c) Body measurements were: 

Chest- 40 inches

Waist- 30 inches

Biceps- 14 inches. 

d) His eye color is Dark brown, and his original hair color is black.


6. Some Other Facts about Danish Zehen

a) Danish Zehen’s favorite actor was Salman Khan. 

b) Danish was a tattoo lover. 

c) Danish loved to color his hair and used to style plus color them every month. 

d) Sara Ali Khan graced MTV Ace Of Space during her film’s promotion. She shared a brief video of her interaction with Danish Zehen and captioned “R.I.P. Danish Zehen.” 

e) Danish Zehen was the digital brand ambassador of Gilette. 

f) Danish Zehen had Benelli T.N.T. 600i bike and Volkswagen car. 

g) Danish Zehen was also a hookah lover. 

h) Danish Zehen was also a cat lover. 

i) Danish made his debut through MTV Ace of Space Season (2018).

j) Before becoming a known star, he used to live in the Chawl Area in Mumbai. 

k) Danish worked a model and did many modeling assignments. 

Danish Zehen was one of the gems our nation has lost. He had a lot of potential and courage to get better each day. This star boy worked hard each day of his life to make a better tomorrow and moved to great heights in life. He started his life from a chawl area and bought a flat from his savings for his family. His motivated spirit has inspired a lot of people and especially youngsters. While some people initially did not like his career and fashion choices much yet, he made an outstanding space of his own.

Even during MTV Ace Of Space Journey, he exited the show during week six due to some unavoidable emergency yet came back on the ground to play his luck. Such spurred spirits not only just make their families proud but make space in lots of peoples’ hearts. Loosing such talented young people is a loss of our nation. His funeral brought waves of sorrow for many fans worldwide and to the media industry as well. Death at this tender age of twenty-two is the worst thought for anyone and especially someone who aspires a lot while working towards it. 

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