ECOSTP Raises 250K USD Investment

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ECOSTP (1) develops sanitation solutions via bioengineering. On Wednesday, the firm declared that it had secured 250,000 USD or about 19 lakh INR investment from Terwilliger Centre for Innovation in Shelter. 

It is an extended arm of Habitat for Humanity, a non-profit organization that promotes a more efficient and comprehensive housing market systems. It makes low-income families access to affordable and improved housing solutions. 

As per the statement of ECOSTP, the startup would utilize the latest infusions to bring its sewage treatment technology to thousands of low-income areas of India. Tharun Kumar, the CO-founder of ECOSTP, commented on the latest investment. He said that our partnership with the Terwilliger Centre for Innovation in Shelter is crucial, especially during the current situation as a startup. 

The collaboration would play a significant role in developing our business to bring a safe, affordable, and sustainable water treatment solution. As a result, the product will help low-income families while taking a step ahead in our mission to reclaim every drop of wastewater naturally. 


ECOSTP Develops Natural Methods to Purify Water, Requiring No Power

Dr. E Muralidharan, Simar Kohli, Tharun Kumar, and Praseed KK founded ECOSTP in 2017. The startup uses biomimicry to make a sewage treatment system via anaerobic bacteria to purify water in underground chambers. 

According to the company, the method results in an affordable, self-sustainable system. It can treat millions of liters of sewage water every day. It does not require any power, chemicals, or human intervention. Consequently, it saves up to 90% of operational costs. 

Jyoti Patel, the Global Investor of Terwilliger Centre Impact Investments, stated on the investment that the low cost and maintenance sanitation technology of ECOSTP accommodates with the COVID-19 situation. 

In the present situation, the family requires healthy shelters and homes. The team is delighted to make ECOSTP a partner. They have enormous potential with their affordable solution that creates more beneficial and more hygienic households across India. 

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