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Goodbye Movie Review: Big B Takes You on An Emotional Roller Coster

Goodbye is not just a family drama film but also a matter of our thinking and perceptions towards science and the logic behind faith.

Goodbye Movie Review
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All kinds of customs have been made about any festival, marriage, or funeral in our society. Now it depends on us that consider those customs and understand them. Efforts have been made to install science and logic many times behind faith.

The story of this mutual difference between science and custom is Goodbye. Goodbye is not just a family drama film but also a matter of our thinking and perceptions towards its customs. Read the Goodbye Movie Review to know how this film of Vikas Bahl is for the audience. (2)

By the way, we keep doing much planning in our life. But have you ever planned what will be our funeral after death? After the death of someone, all close friends of that person prepare for the funeral by saying their favorite things related to that person, but if the funeral is already planned, how different will it be? After watching the film Goodbye, this idea also comes to your mind.

The Story

Harish Bhalla (Amitabh Bachchan) and his wife, Gayatri (Nina Gupta), live in Chandigarh with four children. After their studies, the four children have shifted to the country and abroad. Tara (Rashmika Mandana) is a lawyer in Mumbai, two sons Angad (Powle Gulati), work abroad in a multinational company; their younger son Nakul is Mountaineer. Gayatri, who is full of life, suddenly dies due to heart-attach. All the children reach Chandigarh for their mother's final farewell, and their story starts from here.

After films like Queen, Shandaar, and Super 30, Vikas has brought Goodbye as a family drama for his audience. Through this film, Vikas has tried to touch many issues. Differences in customs and science, daily confusion in a simple middle-class family, in today's era, the growing distance between family and someone you know, you will get all kinds of aspects in this film.

After someone leaves, the logic of shaving, why cotton is put in the body's nose, why you tie the toes of the body together, is it just superstition or any science, the answer to such questions through the film.

The film takes you on an emotional ride, where you sometimes laugh, and sometimes you do not take the name of stopping your tears. From the perspective of the Critic, of course, there are some shortcomings in the film, but the story holds on its own, so you ignore those shortcomings.

After a long time, family drama has come on the film screen. The makers can benefit from this. As soon as the film starts, you start crying for 15 minutes, and its specialty is that despite having an intense subject, the maker has balanced it well. All the situations fit so beautifully that all the emotions are triggered when you start laughing and crying.

Some Shortcomings

The film sequences are very long, and their pace looks like a drag. Its editing could have been better. The plus point of the film is that here you can connect yourself to the characters. For example, there must have been many such occasions when we take our parents for granted, and when they are not among us, we feel that I wish I had talked, I wish I had replied to the phone, I wish once embraced together and tell how important they are.

Yes, one missing thing is Rashmika's Accent, Rashmika herself has dubbed the dialog, which does not seem convenient. It is claimed that after watching the film, you will call your mother or close a time.

Technical Aspects

The plus point of this film is its music, whose credit goes to Amit Trivedi. He has composed every song according to the situation. In terms of editing, the scenes could be worked on. Ravindra Singh Bhadodia and Sudhakar Reddy's cinematography has been decent. Whether it is Rishikesh or Chandigarh, you are Convinces. In a scene where Amitabh Bachchan's monologue, his closeup shot is shot well.


The casting of the film was accurate. As a father, Amitabh Bachchan's anger or every emotion on the helpless screen looks beautiful. Especially during his monologue, Big B is covered. At the same time, whenever Nina Gupta comes on screen, she brings freshness.

Nina, who has been the axis of the whole family, has lived her character. Rashmika's confidence among such great artists was amazing. Their spontaneity appears throughout the scenes. Rashmika's debut in Hindi films will not disappoint you.

In this film, Sunil Grover's entry is in the second half. You will enjoy seeing him when he is in the scene. Paval Gulati is also good. Overall, his work has been tremendous. The rest of Ashish Vidyarthi, Sahil Mehta, Eli Avram, Shivin Narang, Arun Bali, and Shayank Shukla have played their characters honestly.

Who Should Watch?

Family drama is in front of the audience after a long time. This film can be given a chance for excellent acting and beautiful messages. This film, giving slices of life feeling, will not disappoint you.