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Google Ensuring Search Quality, Daily Performs 1K Tests


Google (1) is conducting over 1,000 tests daily to improve its quality on Search and News Platforms. The giant is making a move to provide quick and reliable information to people worldwide.

The giant has conducted over one million tests for its quality since 2017. It is ensuring the delivery of high-quality information to its Search users in billions. Pandu Nayak, the Fellow and Vice President of Search Google informed.

Nayak added that every day new things are happening all across the world. With it, the information landscape is also changing very rapidly. Google has developed an Intelligence Desk to check their systems’ performance at a time of news breaks.

Google Intelligence Desk Monitors News, Events 24/7

In his blog spot on Friday, he added that the Intelligence Desk team is actively monitoring and identifying potential threats to the information. It is a team of analysts from across the globe who observes news, events 24 hrs. It includes news of spanning natural disasters, breaking news moments, world crises, latest developments in ongoing matters, such as COVID-19.

From the past few years, Google has improved its system to recognize breaking news automatically. It finds critical moments such as natural disasters to ensure that the system is returning authoritative information available. Nayak also added that the team has also improved its detection time. Four years ago, their detection time was approximately 40 minutes. Now it is just a few minutes after the breaking news.

People see fact checks on Google Search and News over four billion times to date in 2020. It is more than all of the assessments made in 2019.

Notably, Google has donated 6.5 million USD in addition to aid the fact-checking organizations and nonprofits. They primarily focus on pandemic misinformation.

The funding was part of the Google News Initiatives (2). It provides an online resource hub that offers training and crisis simulations for reports covering coronavirus pandemic across the world.