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Gourmet Garden Bags Undisclosed Pre-Series A Funds

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Gourmet Garden (1) is a brand to produces zero contamination fruits, and vegetables. The Bengaluru-based startup cultivates its products via a patented naturoponic farming approach. It has recently secured undisclosed financing from Incubate Fund India and Whiteboard Capital in its pre-series A funding round.

The company claims that its fruits and vegetables are of zero contamination and have higher quality. As a part of its future goals, the startup plans to expand its supply and go to market partnerships while ramping up its technology.

Arjun Balaji and Vishal Narayanaswamy, the founder of Gourmet Garden, have around 16,000 customers in Bengaluru, with over 70% of repeat buyers’ orders. Notably, the platforms have around a dozen farming partners as part of the company following their zero contamination approach.

Gourmet Garden to Improve Supply Quality of Fruits and Vegetables

While commenting on the latest investment, the startup stated that it plans to expand into newer cities like Chennai, Delhi, and Mumbai. Arjun Balaji, the Co-founder of Gourmet Garden, said that fruits and vegetables are the largest consumer spend area in India. However, the quality of supply has always been a challenge.

According to Arjun, there are several hurdles when it comes to delivering high-quality fruits and vegetables. It includes traceable zero contamination produce and offering a consistent supply.

Vishal Narayanaswamy, the co-founder of Gourmet Garden, stated that their patented naturoponic farming approach is the most capital and carbon-efficient model.

As per the company, they cultivate their fruits and vegetables in a soil-less environment with zero contamination ingredients such as water, seeds, etc. Moreover, they harvest these products just in time, which ensures the quality of the produce.

Nao Murakami, the Founder of Incubate Fund India and General Partner, stated that the approach of Gourmet Garden is highly beneficial for both sides of the supply chain, farmers and consumers.

The General Partner of Whiteboard Capital, Anshu Prasher, added that the startup offers the consumers’ essential requirements, especially in the post-quality world. The quality and traceability of fresh produce is not a luxury anymore.