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HireMeCar Secures Funding in Seed Funding Round


HireMeCar (1), a taxi rental startup, has recently raised an undisclosed amount from US-based NRIs in a seed funding round. While commenting on the latest fundraise, Pankaj Sharma, the Chief Evangelist of HireMeCar, stated that India’s taxi rental market offers a substantial socio-economic opportunity.

He added that over 90% of the market falls under the unorganized sector and has less than 5% independent taxi owners and technology access. The team is observing a massive potential for growth in this segment.

HireMeCar to Offer Cloud-based Digital Transformation System

Sharma further stated that HireMeCar’s cloud-based solutions and digital transformation system would play a vital role in transforming the sector digitally. The team is a socially conscious organization aiming for the Indian taxi rental market’s massive potential to generate more jobs and make people economically independent.

As per the Sharma’s statement, the latest fundraise during the challenging time because of the COVID-19 indicates that the investors have faith in the long-term growth and development in the Indian market. He further added that the team is looking forward to work with our partners in growth. It is a conscious choice for HireMeCar’s team to raise funding from Individuals and entities. The team and the partners share a common goal of socio-economic transformation in India.

HireMeCar is a cloud-based digital service offering platform in the taxi rental market of India. It currently offers services across 100+ cities in the country. As per the team, over 90% of the taxi market is handled by small and unorganized business owners.

The startup aims to serve the requirement of over 1.5 million independent taxi operators and millions of customers by offering them a smooth cloud-based service supply and digital interfaces for their travel. HireMeCar is a 100% Indian company that is committed to the economic growth of the Indian masses. Notably, the taxi hire market in India is about 30 billion USD at present. As per the estimates, by 2030, it will reach 50 billion USD market.