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How Killerlaunch Became India’s Leading Job and Internship Portal



  1. What is KillerLaunch?
  2. Importance of the portal
  3. Why choose KillerLaunch as a fresher?
  4. KillerLaunch in the voice of celebrities

What is KillerLaunch?

In this modern era, the competition for jobs is continuous on the rise. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find reliable employment with a high paid salary. To make it easier for people, many job portals have been launched over the years, out of which KillerLaunch(1) has proved to be one of the top job and internship portals.

This portal connects a potential employer to its employee. The companies list out their requirements and the specific job designation on the platform. The people looking for a job can view this and apply for the job if they fit into their needs. This makes the process of hiring and looking for jobs simple and easy. KillerLaunch makes it more comfortable as it filters out the jobs and internships by looking at your interests and qualifications. Therefore, it is right to say that Killerlaunch acts as a bridge between employers and job seekers. Besides employment, the portal is also student-friendly as it offers many exciting internships where the students get paid.


Importance of the portal:

As COVID-19 has wrecked the world, many people have lost their jobs as the employers couldn’t find funds to pay them. This, in turn, took a toll on the Indian economy. During the past six months, many companies and factories shut it’s business or sold it for a low price. This shot up the unemployment rate in the country by approximately 20 percent.

However, to battle unemployment, Killerlaunch is serving as a bridge for job seekers and potential employers.

KillerLaunch has a beautiful User Interface that allows the recruiters to access full control.

Both the recruiters and the job-seekers can filter or shortlist the companies in just a click of a button. All the job updates are received to your email directly. Now, let’s learn why it is the best option for both freshers and experienced employees.

Why Choose KillerLaunch As A Fresher?

Even though there are many noticeable job portal platforms out there, KillerLaunch is considered one of the top platforms. This is because it provides its users with several benefits that prove to be very useful. Let’s see why it is one of the most suitable job platforms for you.

  • Searching and applying for jobs has never been made this easy. KillerLaunch has made it absolutely simple. Job seekers can search for a company and apply for it right on the spot. Once done with the recruitment process, the employees can also review the company for future references for the other users.
  • The hiring process is extremely fast in KillerLaunch. The ‘instant application’ option allows users to apply for a job or an internship instantly. The recruiters also get in touch very fast.
  • The registered companies on KillerLaunch are verified and are always on a hunt for finding the right employees.
  • As mentioned above, the portal allows you to filter according to your job requirements. This makes it easier for the job seeker to find the right fit.

KillerLaunch in the voice of celebrities:

As KillerLaunch started to gain popularity, stars like Himanshi Khurana started to notice it and has talked about it.

This popular Punjabi actress recently shared her views on “Vocal For Local.” She gave her full support to KillerLaunch as it was one of the first Indian job portal platforms. The actress mentioned that this job portal allows you to find the right jobs and internships to boost your career.

This portal is also providing Data Entry jobs, internships to the people as many lost their jobs due to the pandemic.