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How to mint your first NFT domain name using, Complete Guide

The ecosystem allows you to mint, buy and sell NFT domain names.
The ecosystem allows you to mint, buy and sell NFT domain names.

The era of the internet as we see it is quite possibly coming to an end. Web 3.0 is around the corner and is going to heavily change the way we look at and interact with the internet. Web 3.0 can be basically defined as being a decentralized space on the internet that is not controlled by a governing authority or central power.

The websites on this new Internet will all be decentralized and not controlled by a third party. They will be hosted on web 3.0 NFT domain names that will be digital assets owned by individual owners. What are NFT domain names then? Well, they are domains that are minted on a blockchain and aren’t released by a central authority such as the ICANN. Therefore, unlike conventional domain names that were not able to reach their full potential due to them being controlled and restricted by centralized authorities, these NFT domain names will have a ton of applications in various ecosystems. is a marketplace for Web3 NFT domains and also possesses a P2P marketplace for buyers and sellers to interact and close transactions. If you wish to get yourself a Web3 domain name then you can get yours at

Selecting the preferred TLD on

There is a list of crypto domains extensions that are supported within the ecosystem.

The list that is currently supported on the ecosystem is given below:

These domain extensions are all TLDs built on the Ethereum blockchain. The list isn’t permanent and there will always be new TLDs added as the ecosystem progresses. After you choose your TLD you can search for your preferred NFT domain name. It will show up on your screen and also show if it’s available.

Minting your preferred domain name.

After you decide on your preferred NFT domain name, connect your metamask wallet or mobile wallet to After that, you can search for the availability of your preferred NFT domain name. If it is available then you will see a mint button underneath it.

You can press the mint button which will trigger a confirmation message on your crypto wallet. After you confirm the transaction, the NFT domain name will be minted in your name. It is now your digital asset and will remain as such until you decide to sell it to someone and then transfer it in their name.

You will be able to store the NFT domain name on your crypto wallet just like any other crypto asset or currency. If you ever decide to sell it, then you can do it by listing it on the marketplace.

Applications of NFT domain names in the ecosystem is about to release a chrome browser extension that will allow users to host decentralized websites using their NFT domain names under the IPFS. They will also be able to browse the Web3 using this extension. These will be applicable only inside the ecosystem.

Additionally, the NFT domain names could also be used as your crypto wallet address. Well, as you know, the default address for your crypto wallet is quite long and gives way to mistakes. By replacing it with an NFT domain name you can have a simple, short, and easy-to-remember wallet address and make transactions hassle-free.

There are other applications of the NFT domain names that will be out as the ecosystem moves forward.


The ecosystem allows you to mint, buy and sell NFT domain names. It also allows you to host decentralized websites through a chrome extension on your NFT domain names. Additionally, provides you with a list of TLDs to choose from.

NFT domain names are the building blocks of the internet of tomorrow. A peak of free internet, as we had imagined it to be, comes forward soon with websites hosted on NFT domains. Why not get yourself one on