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How to Write a Relieving Letter with Proper Information

After having experience and working in companies, one gets packed up with different abilities and skills. Still, at the same time, they also have experienced once or the other time regarding leaving the old job and getting onto a new one. Many of us had already encountered the term Relieving Letter and hence, to make it into a clearer picture, let’s discuss everything that a Relieving Letter should have and describe.

What is a Relieving Letter?

In easy terms, Relieving Letter is a formal acceptance letter of your resignation which a person applied for in the company they work and plan to quit. This is mainly done by people to switch their companies. Most of the time, one cannot leave the job before a specified period at which they officially agreed to work for at the initial time. After this notice period is completed, one can then resign and to notify people if their resignation is accepted the company replies with a Relieving Letter which signifies that the employee has been relieved from their tasks and can leave the company accordingly.

This Relieving Letter can also come up as a form of Experience letter for the candidates that specify various details like CTC, Designation, Joining and Last Working Dates, etc. which can come in handy while applying for any other job in the future.

Information to be mentioned on a Relieving Letter

Relieving Letters are an essential document for both the company and the employee to maintain a record of their work. Hence, the information mentioned in the Relieving Letters should be proper and correct. Some of the most critical information that is almost mandatory to be included in a Relieving Letter is discussed below.

  • The date of issuing the Relieving Letter
  • Employee’s details like Name with correct spelling, the designation of the work, department and Employee ID, and the Organization’s full name.
  • A clear subject, mentioning ‘Relieving Letter.’
  • The Letter should surely include the date of resignation and the time from which the employee has been relieved from work.
  • The second paragraph should consist of about the final settlement and the stipulated period,
  • Signature with the name of the organization(1) should be mentioned while completing the Letter.

Sample Relieving Letter

One can use the letter mentioned below as a sample and make necessary changes to it according to the details one feels to say in the Employee’s message and information.


Full Name of the Employee

Subject: Relieving Letter from the Company

Hello Jay (name of the Employee)

This is here to confirm that Mr. Jay, who has worked with our XYZ Company from 12th June 2019 to 18th May 2020 as the ‘Official Recruiter,’ has been relieved from his position resignation has been accepted.

Mr. Jay has been paid with the stipend period offered at the initial working contract, which was issued at the start of the job and delivered us with commendable work.

Best Wishes for the Future,


XYZ Pvt Ltd.


One can add the details according to their need in the sample Relieving Letter. But the above Letter is a sample of the mandatory information that one has to include in the Relieving Letter for sure before issuing it to the Employee.

Importance of Relieving Letter

There are different aspects of a Relieving Letter and serves as an essential document that a company and an Employee should possess after resigning from work or company. Some of the points of Importance are mentioned below.

  • It serves as an official Letter to keep track of different Employees, and their work was given to the company.
  • It also keeps a record that the Employee has completed and fulfilled the tasks during his/her tenure and does not hold any other responsibility.
  • Relieving Letter signifies that the official has been freed up from duties assigned to me and does not contain any other work under the company.
  • A Relieving Letter is also used by Employees while applying to other companies. It is considered one of the most authentic documents that a person is not trying to make a double source of income, and authentically works with the new company.


Any Employee should pay attention to both the Experience Letter and the Relieving Letters while resigning from the company. It is considered to be an essential piece of document that always comes in handy while applying to different companies. One can even request formal Relieving Letters from the company they have previously worked for and maintain a record of their working under a designation in any company.