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Empowering Global Ambitions: India's Fintech Ecosystem Set for International Expansion

Discover how the Indian government and RBI's support is setting the stage for Indian fintech firms to expand globally, as NPCI’s Dilip Asbe highlights the sector’s international ambitions and regulatory wisdom.

In a significant announcement, Dilip Asbe, the Managing Director and CEO of the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI), has underscored the robust support from the Indian government and the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) as pivotal for the global expansion of India's fintech sector. This backing is expected to significantly boost Indian fintech companies' efforts to broaden their international presence.

A Strategic Move Towards Global Presence

During a compelling dialogue at Razorpay’s annual Bengaluru event with Harshil Mathur, the CEO and co-founder of Razorpay, Asbe shared insights into the strategic direction for India's fintech firms. He articulated a vision where Indian fintechs are not only expanding their operations abroad but are also pioneering the introduction of India's innovative payment standards to the world. "It's a natural progression for Indian fintechs to establish a global footprint while offering value-added services," Asbe remarked, highlighting the strategic importance of this global outreach.

Asbe also touched upon the critical aspect of regulatory compliance, urging fintech founders to engage only in activities that have received explicit regulatory approval. This cautious approach aims to ensure that Indian fintech firms remain on the right side of regulatory frameworks as they scale internationally.

UPI’s Global March and Collaborative Efforts

The conversation also shed light on the global adoption of NPCI’s flagship payment system, the Unified Payments Interface (UPI), which has seen acceptance in several countries, including Sri Lanka, Mauritius, UAE, and France. Such international collaborations underscore India's commitment to promoting its digital payment solutions on the world stage, as evidenced by initiatives like the linkage of UPI and Singapore’s PayNow for seamless cross-border transactions.

Fostering Cross-Border Connectivity

This push towards internationalization is further demonstrated by ongoing discussions to create a real-time payment bridge between India and the United States, signifying a significant leap towards global financial integration.