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India's Gaming Industry Set to Boom, Meta Predicts $7.5 Bn Market and 250,000 Jobs by 2025

Meta's prediction of India's gaming industry reaching $7.5 billion by 2025 underscores the sector's rapid growth and potential for job creation. Learn more about the booming gaming ecosystem in India. #Gaming #Meta #StartupMahakumbh

Key Points:

India's gaming industry is poised for substantial growth, with Meta predicting it to be worth nearly $7.5 billion and creating 250,000 jobs by 2025, according to Meta India MD Sandhya Devanathan.

Gaming's Contribution to India's Digital Economy

Devanathan highlighted gaming's significant role in India's digital economy, which is expected to be an 8-trillion-dollar economy, with gaming being a substantial part of it.

Growth and Opportunities in the Indian Gaming Ecosystem

A 'Gaming Playbook' report released at the Meta Gaming Summit revealed that India has around 146 million real-money gaming (RMG) players and about 202 million non-RMG casual gamers, with a majority residing outside major cities.

Meta's Focus on Gaming

Arun Srinivas, director and head of Ads Business for Meta in India, noted that gaming is a top three vertical for Meta globally, with the Advantage+ suite of automated ads driving growth for gaming brands.

Impact of Automated Solutions on Customer Acquisition

Vikrant Mudaliar, chief marketing officer of Dream Sports, highlighted that automated solutions improved customer acquisition costs (CAC) by 12%, with a majority of users coming from outside tier-1 and 2 cities.

Rapid Growth in Indian Gaming Industry

During FY23, the Indian gaming industry witnessed high growth, reaching 568 million gamers, with 25% being paying users, reflecting a 12% increase in gamers and a strong 17% growth in paying users compared to FY22, according to Lumikai's report.

Startup Mahakumbh to Feature Gaming and Esports Pavilion

The gaming and esports pavilion at the Startup Mahakumbh event in New Delhi from March 18-20 will bring together India's entire startup ecosystem, including startups, investors, incubators, accelerators, and industry leaders from various sectors.