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Jio Launches JioGamesCloud for High-Quality Gaming on your SetTopBox!

Photo by Asif Asharaf / Unsplash

Last week, Jio unveiled the beta of its cloud gaming platform, JioGamesCloud (1). Users on social media and discussion forums like Reddit began mentioning that they could play GeForce Now games on their Jio streaming devices, bringing the debut to light. Nvidia's GeForce Now cloud gaming platform is the one that Jio appears to have licensed. When playing a game in the cloud, the game is hosted on a server and streamed to the user's device (PC, phone, tablet, TV, etc.).

From Bengaluru, Entrackr tested the beta on a Windows PC via WiFi and an Android mobile using Jio's 4G network. Even though it's a graphically heavy game, Deliver Us to the Moon operated smoothly over Jio's network and inconsistently over WiFi. There are a lot of ultra-casual indie games but not a lot of AAA, high-budget titles.

The JioGames website and mobile app recommend using a fast internet connection, such as WiFi or 5G. Jio is gradually rolling out 5G to users, but certain users in major cities, including Ahmedabad, Chennai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, and Kolkata, can already connect to the networks. However, the level of 5G coverage within such cities is not known.

However, cloud gaming is already a reality in India without 5G. Businesses like The Gaming Project register hundreds of gamers for a membership fee in different Indian cities, with the games operating very effectively on a WiFi connection alone.

Utilize the Full Potential of 5G

However, a major selling feature of 5G networks is the ability to offer high-intensity, high-quality games to devices with weak hardware, which is presumably why Jio has moved quickly to implement its cloud gaming service. It is hoped that the distribution goes as smoothly as JioCinema's two-day stream of the FIFA World Cup 2022 did.

The fact that Jio intends to launch the service on its set-top box is also intriguing since STBs are not as out of reach for people as a 5G phone or a nice PC may be right now. As per a filing with the Bureau of Indian Standards from last year, the company has been given the go-light to sell a gaming controller that it leased from a Korean company called Aksys. You may now get this controller through the company's online store.

Now that 5G networks are being rolled out across the country, other telcos scramble to get in on the cloud gaming craze. At the India Mobile Congress 2022 in October, Vi, and CareGame presented their solution. In September, Airtel showed off its cloud gaming solution. Neither telco has completed a full launch, nor is offering their product in a public beta.