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Krishitantra Secures 1 Million USD in Seed Fundraiser


On Wednesday, a Hydrabad startup, Krishitantra (1), announced that it had secured 1 million USD or approximately 7.6 crore INR in a seed funding round. NABVENTURES, the venture capital arm of Nabard and Omnivore, led the latest infusions.

Sandeep Kondaji, Vishnuprasada Bhat, and Anand Bellan co-founded the soil-tech startup in 2017. The startup offers rapid soil testing based on IoT and soil nutrition advisory solutions to farmers, FPOs, farmer producer organizations, and stakeholders.

While commenting on the recent tranche, the CO-founder and CEO of Krishnatantra, Sandeep Kondaji, stated that it would utilize the fundings to enhance its operations across India. Sandeep added that the team is also working to reach out to more than lakhs of farmers. The move helps them to understand the profitability and sustainability improvements through better soil health.

Krishitantra Offers Several Farm Extensions Services

Moreover, Krishitantra is also aiming to enter Southeast Asian countries in the upcoming future, focusing on India’s market. The team has developed an IoT device, a highly-profitable product branded as Krishi RASTAA. It generates the results of soil testings within 30 minutes. Notably, it has the precision to analyze micro and macronutrients, pH, EC, organic carbon, and microbial counts in the soil sample.

The team further stated that real-time agronomy digitizes and rapid soil testing are vital parts of farm extension services. Notably, the data play at the agriculture level has massive value. The affordable solution of Krishitantra would benefit several FPOs, farmers, and other players related to the agriculture ecosystem in India.

Gills John, the VP of NABVENTURE, stated that Sandeep and the founding team of Krishitantra offers a cost-effective and rapid soil testing solution. It has excellent potential to address the problems involving soil fertility. He added that their device would also encourage a precision agriculture movement in India.

NABVENTURES aims to help Krishitantra enhance the spread of its technology by connecting the team with their FPOs network with the latest infusions. Notably, NABRD has its presence in pan India.