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How Lave Tyagi is helping to fight environmental issues with his startup – GreenKaart

Let's see how Lave Tyagi, born in Siyana, District Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh is helping to solve environmental issues with G
Let’s see how Lave Tyagi, born in Siyana, District Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh is helping to solve environmental issues with GreenKaart.

In the past few years, the level of pollution in our country and all over the world has increased at a drastic rate. More and more projects are entering our country, and the technology is developing at a fast pace, but one thing that hides in this development is that it is coming at the cost of our environment. With several industries setting up in our country and the pollution increasing in the country, it is high time for people to step up and take a stand to change the situation in the country.

The capital of India, New Delhi, is among the most polluted cities in the whole world, with the air quality index reaching the mark of “very poor quality.” Diseases have started flowing in due to the high rate of pollution, and we must take the initiative to try and make things a little better for ourselves and the future generation. Some have already started doing their bit, and Lave Tyagi is one of them. Lave Tyagi talked about his experience in the market when he faced a hard time finding green products for various purposes, and this inspired him to launch his startup, GreenKaart, and do his bit for a cleaner environment.

The journey till GreenKaart

Lave Tyagi
Lave Tyagi

In conversation with TimesNext, the very first thing that Lave mentions is that ignoring the spellings of his name, it is pronounced as ‘Love’ Tyagi. Born in Siyana, District Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh, Lave completed his schooling from multiple schools as his father was a government employee and kept getting transferred periodically. As he explored different cities and finally landed in the IT sector after completing his graduation in the stream BSc IT. With over ten years of experience in IT presales and sales, Lave decided to work for a noble cause and spread awareness about the usage of green products to save Mother Earth from the harmful effects of chemical-based products.

GreenKart co-founder Vijay Tyagi

Vijay Tyagi
Vijay Tyagi

Vijay Tyagi born in Tajpur, District Sonipat, Haryana. His father was serving in Delhi Police. So he was brought up in Delhi, He did his schooling in Delhi and while he was pursuing graduation, he decided to work in the social and environmental sector. Soon completing his B.Com, he formed a society and started a computer education program for the underprivileged kids. It was the year 2009 when he felt an opportunity opened its doors to work for our nature since then it’s developing prominently. In 2019 he decided to work with Lave Tyagi and both of them started GreenKaart.

Everything about GreenKaart

GreenKaart - Website Screenshot
GreenKaart – Website Screenshot

Focusing on B2C and B2B sectors, GreenKaart is working to provide a platform that would enable these sectors to have access to green products. The website offers certified green products for various purposes like cleaning of bathrooms, toilets, rooms as well as they have a range of merchandise for glass cleaning, steel surface, and utensils cleaning, hard surface cleaning, carpet cleaning, etc.

Green Products – GreenKaart
Green Products – GreenKaart

Working in association with Herbocare, they are providing natural and plant-based cleaning solutions to make this Earth a safer place. In the past few years, Herbocare has worked hard to bring products that do not cause any harm to the quality of air, soil, and water on usage. Along with this, GreenKaart also provides services for plants and other plant-related services to help achieve a clean and green environment. A team of experts provides solutions regarding indoor, outdoor, and pot plants along with solutions regarding vertical gardens and terrace garden.

Challenges faced during the outset

We all are aware of how the Indian market is when it comes to spending money as people wish for quality products at a lower price, which is hard to deliver. So the major challenge faced by them is in selling the green products as they are a little expensive as compared to traditional chemical-based products. The society is “woke,” but they are not aware of many green products, and they don’t mind working with the harmful inexpensive products. To educate people about green products, they also hold sessions for corporates and communities.

Collaborations by GreenKaart

Working in association with Herbocare, GreenKaart is the marketing partner for Herbocare, and they are trying to make more certified green products reach the market.

First milestone and the current growth of the company

The company is working hard to achieve its first milestone, which is to get a monthly billing of INR 25 lakhs and more than five green product manufacturers on board. Growth for a startup is slow, and for them, every single penny that enters their account helps the growth chart go up.

The clean and green vision

With the increasing pollution in the country, the platform is working hard to improve the quality of products used in the Indian market as well as introduce the green products in the country. The vision of the company is to become one of the largest online and offline market place to provide green products in the country.