Market live: Nifty off day’s high; Sensex Updates

The Indian stock market has opened on a positive note today, with an increase of 1000 points on BSE Sensex. Below are the latest updates from the stock market.

An exemption of lockdown rules after 20 April for NBFCs, HFCs, and rural construction!

Authorities on Friday exempted few activities, including the operation of Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs) and construction in rural areas.


Recommendation of irrevocable dividend by TCS

TCS has urged a final dividend of Rs 6/ Equity share of Rs 1, each of the company will be paid on the fourth day from the conclusion of the annual greeting meeting.


Major contracts were given to L&T Construction.

Contracts worth ₹1,000-2,500 crores have been awarded to L&T Construction (1) and Business.


Providing Asset classification to accounts under 3 Month moratorium by RBI

RBI has finalized to give NPA Classifications to the accounts under 3Month moratorium between March 1 and 31 May. The statement was issued governor Shaktikanta Das on Friday.


Other significant updates from the stock market:

  1. Nifty Pharma and FMCG slip into the red.
  2. A rise of 600 points in Sensex.
  3. SEBI intensifies scrutiny of FPIs from eleven Asian countries.
  4. A profit Drop till FY22 for Fitch Ratings Ltd.
  5. RBI to conduct targetted repo operations for Rs 50,000 crores to begin in tranches of suitable sizes.
  6. RBI decreases reverse repo rate from 4% to 3.75%, says RBI Governor.
  7. RBI is sharply monitoring everyday situation says RBI Governor.
  8. Indian Rupee increases by 29 to 76.58 paise in early trade.
  9. Sectoral indices in the green.
  10. S&P slashed its growth for FY21 to 1.8%. Last month it was 3.5%
  11. RBI Governor, Shaktikanta Das addressed the nation at ten today.
  12. Nirmala SItharaman, the Finance Minister, will soon announce a stimulus package.
  13. RIL surge by 3%.
  14. Dr. Reddy’s achieves 52 weeks high
  15. TCS, most prominent IT Services in India, rise by 7.25%.
  16. The Sensex opened with over 1050 additional points on Friday.
  17. Tops stocks of friday’s trading session include TCS, IndiGo, Reliance Industries, SpiceJet, and Motherson Sumi.
  18. The stock market of India settled on a higher note on Thursday.
  19. Trump’s statement to recover its economy has prompted a massive demand for crude oil. Consequently, Brent was up by 75 cents.
  20. Singapore’s SGX Nifty rose by2.6%.
  21. Japan’s Topix index computed 1.3%.
  22. South Korea’s Kospi grew by 3.5%.
  23. Australia’s S&P/ASX 200 Index increased 2.5%.
  24. Shanghai Composite Index surged 0.9%.
  25. Hang Seng Index soared by 2.5%.
  26. Euro Stoxx 50 futures rose 2.9%.
  27. Amazon and Netflix witnessed high records, which in turn rose Wall Street
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Deepish Mahajan
Deepish Mahajan
An enthusiastic content writer with zeal and impetus to work towards excellence

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