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Meesho Products List: All the Various Products That You can Buy and Sell

In this article, we will have a look at all the various Meesho Product lists and which are the best-selling Meesho products.

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Meesho is an e-store that provides a platform for people to sell their products in a wide range of categories. The site came up in 2015 in India. (1) It is competing with some of the heavyweights like Amazon, Flipkart, Nykaa, and others. Snapdeal, ShopingClus, and similar other e-stores closed down in the onslaught of Amazon and Flipkart, but Meesho has been sailing through the storms and looks to be successful at it. (2) In this article, we will have a look at all the various Meesho Product lists and which are the best-selling Meesho products. (3)

Meesho Products list

Meesho offers a wide range of products through its platform. Some of the major categories catered are:

  • Women Ethnic Wear
  • Women Western Wear
  • Men's Wear
  • Kids Wear
  • Home and Kitchen Furnishings
  • Beauty and Health products
  • Jewelry and Accessories
  • Bags
  • Footwears and Electronics

Each of these categories has several subcategories. Let us have a look at each one of these categories.

Women Ethnic Wear

This section consists of Saris, Kurtis, Kura Sets, Dress Materials, and other ethnic wear. (4)


Meesho is offering a whole wide range of products in Sarees. The range includes various types of Sarees like silk, cotton silk, cotton, georgette, chiffon, satin, and embroidered sarees. The price range of scares is from as low as Rs. 200 to as high as Rs. 20,000.

Sarees on Meesho


Meesho provides four types of Kurtis Anarkali, Rayon, Cotton, and embroidered Kurtis. Each of these Kurtis has a wide range of filters to sort the products. You can sort it based on the fabric, color, price, discount, size, Pattern, fit, occasion, sleeve, neck, print type, and fit/ share, among other filters. The price range Is from as low as Rs. 200 to as high as Rs. 10,000. The delivery charges are mentioned upfront for all the products.

Kurtis on Meesho

Kurta Sets

They also have Kurta Sets.

Dress Materials

Moreover, they also provide un-stiched dress materials for cotton suits, embroidered suits, and chanderi suits. Other Ethnic wear being sold are blouses, dupattas, lehenga, gowns, and other ethnic bottom wear.

Dress Materials on Meesho

Women Western Clothes

Another popular section of Meesho is their women's western clothes section. These are segregated into Topwear, Bottomweat, Innerwear, and Sleepwear.

Women's Western Clothes on Meesho

Topwears include Dresses, sweaters, and jumpsuits. Bottomwear includes jeans, Leggings, palazzos, shorts, and skirts. Innerwear like bras and briefs are also available. Sleepwear like Nightsuits and babydolls are available too on the Misho platform.

Men Wear

When it comes to men's wear, Meesho offers various options.

You can get Men top wear like T-shirts and Shirts. The price range starts from as low as Rs. 150. (5)

Men Innerwear on Meesho

Bottom wear for men showcases products like Track Pants, Jeans, and various Trousers.

Men Accessories

Various men's accessories that are included on the platform are Bangles, Bracelets, Watches, Belts, Wallets, Men Jewellery, Sunglasses, and Bags.

Men Accessories on Meesho
Watches on Meesho

Men Footwear

Men's footwear is another popular section on Meesho. You can sort them based on color, price, the fabric used, Ratings, size, and other metrics too. Subcategories in men's footwear are Casual shoes, Sports shoes, Sandles, and Formal shoes.

Men Footwear on Meesho

Ethnic Wear

The men's section also features ethnic wear, which showcases Men kurtas and Jackets.

Men Ethnic Wear on Meesho

Men Innerwear

Men's innerwear and sleepwear are also shown as separate sections on Meesho.

Men innerwear on Meesho

Kids Wear

Kids' wear is also shown prominently on Meesho. The products are categorized into clothes for infants, i.e., up to two years and above two years. One category includes Toys and Accessories like Soft toys, footwear, stationery, watches, and bags for school. In addition to these, all baby care products are also listed on Meesho under the kids' category.

Dresses for boys and girls include Daily wear, Ethnic wear, Fancy wear, and Party wears. Tops and bottoms are available for all these categories. Rompers for infants are available too.

Rompers for Kids on Meesho

Toys and school stationery available on the site :

Kids School Bags on Meesho

Home and Kitchen Appliances

This section includes products for Home furnishing, Home Décor, and Kitchen and Dining cookware.

Curtains on Meesho

Home Furnishings

The home furnishing section includes a wide variety of stuff for home use like Bedsheets, doormats, curtains, sheets, cushions, cushion covers, and other mattress protectors.

Various Home Furnishings on Meesho

Home Decors that are included on Meesho are Stickers, Clocks, and Showpieces. Beautiful clock faces, decorative wall stickers, and cute mementos and table tops.


Various kitchenware included in the Meeshos catalog is Jars, plastic and metal containers, Lunchboxes, racks, and holders. Moreover, different kinds of nonstick pans, kadhais, cake tins, and molds are also available.

Kitchenware on Meesho

Beauty and Health products

Various makeup kits are available on Meesho. Moreover, sanitizers, oral care, feminine hygiene, and deodorants too are listed.

Makeup stuff like sunscreens, moisturizers, foundations, kajal, eyeliners, lipsticks, nail paints, nail care kits, etc., are available. These all are categorized into products for the face, eyes, lips, and nails, so they are easier to find.

Make-up products on Meesho

Jewelry and Women's Accessories

Various imitation jewelry and women's accessories available on Meesho are Jewellery sets, earrings, Mangalsutras, Studs, bangles, necklaces, finger rings, and anklets. Women's accessories that are listed are Bags, watches, hair accessories, sunglasses, and women's socks are available.

Women Jewelry on Meesho

Bags and Footwear Section

The footwear section on Meesho is segregated into Women's bags, Men bags, Women's footwear, and men's footwear.


These are segregated into Handbags, clutches, and sling bags for women and different types of bags and wallets for men.


Men can buy sports shoes, casual shoes, formal shoes and sandals, whereas women can choose from flats, bellies and juttis.

Footwear on Meesho

Mobile accessories and Electronics

Various mobile accessories and electronics too are listed. Mobile case covers, Mobile Holders, Wall chargers, etc. are available. Various smartwatches are also listed on the site. Speakers, earphones, pen drives, tripods, mics, and led lights are some of the electronic and electric stuff available on the site. Apart from these, appliances like Electric kettles, Fans, Hand blenders, Home Appliances, Irons, Juicers, Kitchen Appliances, Lights & Lamps, Mixer Grinder, Sewing Machines, and Vacuum Cleaners!

Electrical Appliances on Meesho

How to Start Selling on Meesho?

To begin selling on Meesho, you first need to register an account on the marketplace. You will only require a mobile phone number, a GST number, and a bank account to start.

After you have provided all of these particulars, you will be prompted to submit your Store Name, which will ultimately serve as the name of your web-based enterprise. Please include the Pickup Address where our logistics partners will collect the orders that have been placed. That brings us to an end. It will be done for you, and your Meesho account will be free.

Once you have completed the registration, you will be granted access to the Meesho Supplier Panel.

Understanding the Meesho Supplier Panel

Meesho Supplier Panel is the answer to all of your questions and concerns regarding your online sales. Logging in to the Supplier panel will allow you to manage your online business easily. This will allow you to do everything from displaying your products and maintaining inventory to accepting orders and tracking payments.

We strongly suggest that you look over the legal and policies section of the Supplier Panel to guarantee that the catalogs you have submitted follow Meesho's standards.

To begin selling on Meesho, you must first upload your product catalog. Simply logging into your Meesho Supplier Panel account will grant you the ability to submit your whole product catalog.

What Is a Catalog?

A catalog can be considered a list of everything you want to sell. You can upload a single catalog or several catalogs using a CSV file. You are allowed to have a minimum of one product and nine goods of the same category inside each catalog that you want to sell.

If you wish to offer six sarees, for instance, you can post all six products into the same catalog, so they are sold simultaneously. However, if you want to offer one saree and one kurta, you will need to publish a separate catalog for each category in which you wish to sell the items.

Steps To Uploading A Catalog

On Meesho, uploading individual or bulk catalogs simultaneously is now incredibly simple. After waiting for 72 hours from the time of upload, the product catalog is made public.

When uploading a catalog, you will first be prompted to choose a category, and only then will you be able to begin submitting product photographs. You should upload more than one image of your goods to provide the clients with a more comprehensive look at the product.

Within the Meesho Supplier panel, you will find the detailed image guidelines that have been supplied. After that, you will need to enter specifics on each product, such as the price, the GST, etc.

If you want to maximize the likelihood of getting an order, it is recommended that you compile a catalog that includes at least three to four different products. We suggest posting at least five to seven catalogs within the first few days to improve your visibility.

Receiving Orders

You will be notified by email every time someone places an order for one of your products. In addition to this, you can check the order status using the Meesho Supplier panel.

You will pay the lowest possible shipping cost when you shop on Meesho for deliveries anywhere in India. Our logistics partner will come to your location, collect the product, and then deliver it to the end user without any intervening steps.


These are various Meesho Products List that one can buy and sell on the platform. They are adding more and more categories, so if you are reading this sometime in the future, you might see more categories as the platform is really revving up.