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Monica Geller: The Heart Winning Character of Friends

From Ross, Joey and Chandler to Phoebe, Rachel, and Monica, one cannot just choose a single character to be the one they love the most. While we loved the connection between Ross and Rachel with Emma as the key to holding them together, Monica and Chandler always gave us some goals. Joey’s love for food and Phoebe’s kindness made every sit perfect in the Friends Series(1). With each character’s different roles, Monica was the ‘Mother Hen’ of the group and always backed up every one of them when in trouble. Hence, one could never complete the group without noticing Monica on the lead.

Monica E. Geller, noticed the ‘E,’ right? The E stands for Elizabeth. Hence, Monica Elizabeth Geller, the full name of the character, is a fictional character in the American TV Series Friends, which portrays Courtney Cox as Monica Geller.

About Monica Geller

Monica Geller was born on 22nd April 1969 to her parents Jack and Judy Geller. She had an elder brother Ross who is mainly obsessed with Dinosaurs. Since her childhood, she has been fat and a food-loving kid. With her competitive nature, she always struggles with Ross in moments such as the Geller Cup and even with her mother, who used to favor Ross blindly.

Monica faced some major trouble in her High School due to her immense weight, and Rachel Greene being her closest friend, made Monica feel parted when she had popular boyfriends. Although in the 10th Season, Ross turned out to be the Mystery Midnight Kisser of Monica and turned out to be her first kiss ever. Moreover, since the beginning, one could notice how much Monica liked Chandler, who ignored her to a great extent during her high school phase due to her weight. Although, once on a Thanksgiving, Monica heard Chandler referring to her as the “Fat Sister” of Ross, which hurt Monica to such an extent that she lost all her weight till the next Thanksgiving, which made Chandler Spellbound by her appearance.

Over time, Monica became a Chef at the place called Iridium and lived with Phoebe in her Grandmothers flat. Across the Hall lived Joey and Chandler, Monica initially felt attracted to Joey who ruined it all by Stripping inside Monica’s apartment when she tried offering Joey some Lemonade. Apart from her struggle with guys, Monica later marries Chandler after they hit it off at the Wedding of Ross and Emily and London.

Traits of Monica

Monica always kept the group sticking to each other, even in the most stringent time and forever taking care of each of them. However, her main trait was the cleanliness and proper arrangement of things around her house. One can even see the scenes with the dialogues mentioned that Monica-clean is cleaner and more appropriate than the Health-Department-Clean. With her obsessive nature towards discipline, she always wants the things to be perfect and on-time, which one could see in several scenes, including Phoebe’s Wedding to Mike. One can also see a fight between Phoebe, Rachel, and Monica calling her the “high-maintenance” person. Another thing about Monica is her Bossy attitude and competitive nature, which one could see in several episodes like the Gellar Cup on Thanksgiving and the scene in which she played Table Tennis with Mike. Hence one can conclude the following nature in Monica.

  • Disciplined
  • Bossy
  • Time Tracker
  • Workaholic
  • Organized
  • Cleanliness Freak
  • Competitive

Boyfriends of Monica

Throughout the Series, Monica had several Boyfriends; while some were nice, the others were happening due to competition between her friends. Although, some of the Boyfriends of Monica like Richard and Chandler blew each of us and gripped the story very well. From starting up from dating Paul the Wine Guy initially in the Series to ending up with Chandler, at last, let’s see the list of names that Monica Dated.

  • Julio, the Poet who used to work in a restaurant with her, wrote the poem ‘The Empty Vase’ for Monica and later broke up with him due to all the weird stuff he created.
  • Paul, the Wine guy, was the boyfriend of Monica, whom we first saw in the Pilot episode, and on the initial of the Series, she later broke up with as he was trying to sleep and fool around with her.
  • Chip Matthews, her high school friend whom she always wanted to date but later brushed him off when she came to know that he was the same person who never grew up after high school.
  • Young Ethan was the guy whom Monica dated while lying about her age. Ultimately it turns out that Ethan also lied about being 22 while he was just 17. This led to their breakup as he turned out to be a Minor.
  • Roy Gublik was the prom date of Monica when they went to the High-School Prom together.
  • Fun Bobby was one of the best boyfriends of Monica, whom the whole group seemed to like. Later on, they noticed that Bobby was fun only because he used to drink and turned up as an alcoholic, then when Monica tried to make him get sober, he became a dull man whom nobody seemed to like, which led to their breakup.
  • Alan, the boyfriend whom Monica dated in the first season, pretended to love all her friends, which was perfect, but another twist, Monica broke up with him because she could not feel the spark between them.
  • Pete Becker, one of the best and a long-term boyfriend of Monica, whom we wanted her to end up with. Pete genuinely treated Monica well and loved her immensely but eventually led to their breakup when Monica was unsure of things happening between them.
  • Since her childhood and a friend of Monica’s dad, Richard, doctor of Monica, seemed to hit it off with Monica until the thought of not having kids in her life made her break up with Richard.
  • Chandler, indeed the perfect man for Monica, whom she ends up marrying and having kids with. Chandler was always the perfect fit for Monica and was the love of her life, whom she wanted since the beginning.

Facts about Monica Geller and the Real-life Courtney Cox

There are different facts about Courtney Cox both in real-life and on-screen Monica Geller. Hence, to blow you out, some of these facts are mentioned down!

  • Courtney Cox is elder to David Schwimmer but instead had to play as Ross’s younger sister. Just imagine how it would have been if Monica was the elder one to Ross! Her mother surely wouldn’t have behaved in such a way that she did to her presently.
  • One must not have noticed, but the low number of Monica’s apartment changed from 5 to 20 with time.
  • Originally, Courtney Cox was offered for the part of Rachel but got to perform as Monica Geller as the character was supposed to be ‘Stronger.’
  • All the members of the cast have kissed each other, except Monica and Phoebe.
  • One, of course, notices at the end, each one of them had lived in Monica’s apartment once at least.
  • Initially, the script planned to show Monica and Chandler as a one-night thing.


I know! You enjoyed this article if you were a die-hard Monica Geller fan. There were undoubtedly some of the other characters with specialties, but Monica was the one who took care of the group, and ultimately with Chandler, she gave us some primary goals.