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NITI Aayog’s New Digital Venture to Aid Policymaking and Governance

NITI Aayog is launching NITI for States, a digital platform integrating AI to revolutionize policymaking and governance. It aims to empower officials with practical knowledge and cross-learning opportunities, promoting efficient decision-making.


NITI Aayog, the government's policy think tank, is launching NITI for States, a digital platform aimed at revolutionizing policymaking and governance through digital public infrastructure (DPI). This initiative is set to integrate artificial intelligence (AI) and is scheduled for launch on March 7, as reported by ET.

Empowering Governance Through Digital Transformation

The platform will boast a user-friendly interface accessible on various devices, including mobile phones. It aims to empower government officials with practical knowledge and insights to enhance decision-making processes. District collectors and block-level officials will also benefit from this initiative, gaining access to innovative practices adopted across different states and UTs.

Key Features and Objectives

NITI for States will host a multi-sectoral live repository featuring 7,500 best practices, 5,000 policy documents, 900+ datasets, 1,400 data profiles, and 350 NITI publications. Covering 10 sectors, including agriculture, education, energy, health, manufacturing, and more, the platform will also address cross-cutting themes such as gender and climate. Integration with NITI Aayog’s National Data Analytics Platform will enhance data sources for informed decision-making.

Promoting Cross-Learning and Cooperation

The platform aims to foster cross-learning by sharing data and best practices, aligning with NITI Aayog’s State Support Mission. It aims to enhance bureaucratic efficiency and informed decision-making, promoting cooperative federalism.

Innovative Technology and Future Plans

NITI Aayog’s internal team is developing and training AI for the platform, ensuring data accuracy through multiple iterations. Six states have already joined the platform, with efforts underway to encourage all states to contribute their data and best practices.

Voice-Enabled Viksit Bharat Strategy Room

In addition to the online portal, NITI Aayog will introduce a voice-enabled Viksit Bharat Strategy Room, supporting multilingual capabilities in 22 languages. This room will enhance data visualization during in-person discussions and decision-making processes.


NITI for States represents a significant step towards digital transformation in governance. With its innovative features and objectives, it is poised to revolutionize policymaking and governance in India, promoting efficiency, cooperation, and informed decision-making.