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Proxgy Launches its Virtual Commerce Platform in India


Proxgy (1) is the first of its kind service launched across the world in the pandemic. It enables users to book a real-world avatar of human anytime at its every adequate space. Users can use it to navigate the physical world via a proxy avatar while sitting at homes. It enables users to experience the world in a live manner.

The goal of the startup is to evolve the way people navigate in their daily outdoor tasks. People can hail a Proxgy via a Proxgy user app. It links users to their Proxgy. It uses technologies to provide live video and audio stream to users via its smart helmet. The helmet has a 360-degree rotating camera on its top. Hence, it enables users to get a real-time experience of their surroundings.

It is accomplished by giving the user a responsive joystick controller on their Proxgy app. An actual human proxy reacts in real-time to their audio commands and inputs.

Users also get an option to receive the live feeds from Proxgy’s helmet on their app. They can view it on their phone screen via a VR device or cast the feed to more giant screens for even more immersive virtual travel and live shopping experiences.

Proxgy Started as Concept for a Dorm Room Service

Pulkit Ahuja ideated and conceptualized the Proxgy in India. He stated that his core team includes industry stalwarts from hardware, data science, travel, marketing, car rental, and retail domains.

Initially, Proxgy was conceptualized to help the elderly and high-risk individuals as a pilot in Delhi, India, during the COVID-19 lockdown. With Proxgy, these individuals can stay safe at home while their younger and fitter proxgies navigate the area live from them. Pulkit Ahuja, further stated that the concept received a lot of acceptance and success on its initial team.

The team is now expanding its services into multiple cities of India for different verticals. They are doing dedicated tasks like virtual travel, shopping, elderly care, remote KYC, real estate viewing, car services, and other generic jobs and services.