Skip to content, a Marketplace Accelerating Purchase Processes for Crypto Domains has launched TLDs, top-level domains on the Ethereum blockchain with lifetime ownership, and requires no renewal fee has launched TLDs, top-level domains on the Ethereum blockchain with lifetime ownership, and requires no renewal fees.

Many terms describe Web 3.0, the latest iteration of the internet or the worldwide web, as decentralized, trustless, verifiable, and permissionless. is one such player in this decentralized internet that aims to make Web 3.0 available to everyone. has launched TLDs, top-level domains on the Ethereum blockchain with lifetime ownership, and requires no renewal fees.

In short, Quik’s decentralized crypto domains will allow users to truly own their domain, unlike traditional domain names, which are controlled by central entities. What’s more, Quik offers NFT domains that allow for a single identity that works with next-generation decentralized websites and apps, along with existing crypto wallets and browsers.

As metaverses are merging in the digital ecosystem, businesses and users need NFT domains to represent their Web 3.0 identity. Overall, decentralized assets enable users to maintain self-custody and complete control of their assets. Similar to a cryptocurrency, they are verified on the blockchain and can be stored in a virtual wallet.

Experts call NFT domains the catalyst in bringing revolution to the internet as we know it today. These domain names offer immense advantages with their ability to support decentralized websites, full ownership control, and empowering developers to innovate beyond what users type into a web browser., a site claimed to be the first blockchain marketplace globally for NFT domains, has recognized the vast potential decentralized domain names offer. The team behind Quik has designed a platform that supports the purchase and sale of blockchain-based domain names, including a domain name registry where users can browse specific listings.

“With Quik, we aim to nurture a creative NFT domain ecosystem for the internet of tomorrow,”

said the founders of Quik when talking about their intention behind the project.

The True Ownership

The Quik ecosystem, which serves as the gateway into Web 3.0, is designed to help business owners move away from the centralized Web 2.0 into the permissionless and permanent future of the internet; Web 3.0. It will enable users to reclaim the freedom they lost when we shifted from Web 1.0 to Web 2.0 and evolve towards a decentralized future, which experts believe is inevitable.

Building upon the conventional standard of domain sales, users can browse offerings using an advanced search system. allows users to acquire NFT domains with minimal effort.

Blockchain technology enables users to truly own domain names instead of renting them for a while. Meaning if you mint a domain name on, you will only need to pay a one-time registration fee with no additional renewal charges.

Moreover, true ownership means that you are eligible for a permanent 5 to 10% royalty on every subsequent domain name sale.

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Once launched, users can browse through TLDs, top-level domains like .ship, .doge, .bored, .vr, and .metaverse, coinciding with original artwork. You can enter the internet of tomorrow with these assets. It is important to note that these TLDs have limited minting capacity. Hence, users are subjected to a first-come, first-mint basis.

Even though the first round of TLDs will exist on the ETH, Ethereum blockchain, aims to add additional blockchains like Binance, Solana, and GateChain.

Multiple Usecases of NFT Domains

Domain holders within the Quik ecosystem can use their domain as a website URL, universal username across online portals and applications, or as a payment address for their virtual wallet. These use cases are only the beginning; they will grow further as the ecosystem advances.

After the launch of the Quik marketplace for NFT domains, which is set to transpire at the end of February 2022, the team said that their focus would remain on rolling out extensions for web browsers, including Quik’s own and collaborating with major cryptocurrency wallets like Coinbase. With these collaborations, exchanges can leverage Quik NFT domains in addition to existing wallet addresses. will also host a private pre-sale for QUIK tokens, followed by a public token sale.