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Razorpay Revolutionizes Fintech: Unveils AI Chatbot RAY and Marketing Suite Engage

Razorpay unveils RAY, an AI chatbot for payment management, and Engage, a marketing growth suite, signaling a new era of innovation in fintech solutions.

Empowering Businesses: Razorpay's Innovations in AI and Marketing

Fintech unicorn Razorpay made waves in the industry with the launch of two groundbreaking products aimed at revolutionizing payment management and marketing strategies. Introducing RAY, an AI-powered chatbot for seamless payroll management, and Engage, a comprehensive marketing growth suite, Razorpay continues to push boundaries in fintech innovation.

Innovative Offerings for Enhanced Customer Experience

RAY, the AI-driven payroll management assistant, heralds a new era in payment solutions, offering ecommerce companies intuitive voice and text command functionalities. With capabilities spanning payments, payouts, payroll, and vendor transactions, RAY streamlines operations, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

Transforming Marketing Dynamics with Engage

Engage, Razorpay's intelligent marketing growth suite, promises to reshape customer acquisition and retention strategies. Leveraging insights gleaned from the acquisition of PoshVine, Razorpay identified challenges in customer acquisition and retention. Engage addresses these gaps by empowering businesses to target customers effectively through personalized incentives and benefits.

Elevating the Payment Experience with AI and Dynamic Solutions

Razorpay's commitment to leveraging AI is further demonstrated with the launch of Razorpay FraudShield and AI-Powered RTO Suite, aimed at reducing chargebacks and mitigating fraud risks. Additionally, Payment Gateway 3.0 streamlines the payment process, offering enhanced customer experiences and boosting conversion rates by up to 30%.

Pioneering Solutions for Seamless Transactions

Razorpay's relentless pursuit of innovation extends to physical POS devices, supporting QR-based and contactless tap card payments. The launch of India's first UPI-led enterprise-ready dynamic QR device underscores Razorpay's commitment to efficiency and convenience in the payment ecosystem.

Future-Ready Solutions and Unprecedented Growth

With a focus on AI integration and customer-centric solutions, Razorpay continues to set new benchmarks in the fintech landscape. From instant refund solutions to exponential growth in POS transactions, Razorpay remains at the forefront of innovation, driving transformative change in the industry.