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Research on COVID-19: 8 Scientist Teams Selected to Pursue from India, US

research on COVID-19

Research on COVID-19: Eight teams of researchers from the US and India were select to pursue research in the pathogenesis and disease management of coronavirus.

As per the statement, the binational teams of scientists will pursue research on COVID-19 related to various areas. It includes antiviral coating, immune modulation, tracking of SARS CoV-2 in wastewater, disease detection mechanisms, reverse genetic strategies, drug repurposing.

The Indo-US Science and Technology Forum (IUSSTF) (1) announced the research awards. It is an autonomous bilateral organization. Indian and US governments jointly fund the organization. The organization promotes science, engineering, technology, and innovation. They do it via several substantive interactions with government, industry, and academia.

The IUSSTF mission is to act as a catalyst to promote long-term scientific collaborations between both nations. They aim to expand via a partnership of individual scientists, institutions, and the community at large as per their statement.

Eight Teams of Scientists are Among the Best Few Who Had Submitted Proposals to an Invitation for Research on COVID-19

According to their statement, the eight teams of scientists are among the best few who submitted proposals to an invitation. The proposal invitation was sent to harness scientists’ combined expertise from the US and India Science and Technology communities. It aims to leverage the combined expertise of both nations to engage in research on COVID-19.

We have received an overwhelming response in a short time to the particular call for research on COVID-19, says Ashutosh Sharma, DTS Secretary, and IUSSTF India Co-Chair. He added that the response demonstrates a huge potential for India and US corporation from basic studies to extensive research on COVID-19. He further stated that the basic studies include the SARS-CoV-2 virus’s behavior and its transmission for diagnostic and therapeutic approaches.

Sharma also said that we have a substantial corporation for research on COVID-19, health, energy, AI, and more. The organization will continue to bring value and attests to the vitality of both nations’ collaborations to provide compelling solutions.