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Ross Geller F.R.I.E.N.D.S – Everything you need to know

Ross Geller


  1. Introduction
  2. Early life
  3. Personality
  4. Romance


Everyone would have heard about the crazy and funny stories of one of the most popular sitcoms ever made, F.R.I.E.N.D.S. This sitcom was one of the greatest hits. All the main characters were just mind-blowing. This sitcom has six characters- Monica Geller, Ross Geller, Joey Tribbiani, Chandler Bing, Rachel Greene, and Phoebe Buffay. Now, let’s dive a bit deeper into the character of Ross Geller and his nerdy and romantic moments.

Early life:

Ross Geller is the son of Jack and Judy Geller. According to the sitcom, he was raised on Long Island. He is the older brother of Monica Geller. When growing up, Ross went to the same high school as Rachel Greene. Here, he developed a massive crush on Rachel, but he kept it to himself. According to a Thanksgiving episode, Will Colbert was Ross’s best friend. Unfortunately, Will hated Rachel as she used to tease him for being overweight. Hence, he and Ross Geller started the ‘I-Hate-Rachel’ club. After this, they spread a false and bad rumor about her. However, Rachel got her revenge by spreading the news that Ross made out with the school’s 51-year old librarian. When Ross was twelve, he got mugged by Phoebe. This was revealed years late by Phoebe. She stole his backpack, taking his only copy of a comic he wrote, ‘Science Boy.’

Ross Geller

In college, Ross Geller met Chandler Bing, one of his best friends and the future husband of his sister. Chandler met Monica and Rachel for the first time in a Thanksgiving dinner hosted by Ross’s parents. Later, in 1988, Ross met and fell in love with Carol, and over the years, got married and had a kid. But, this ended as Carol discovered her sexual orientation and fell in love with a woman(Susan).


We all know the Nerdy, polite, caring, and thoughtful part of Ross Geller. But, he is often a bit clumsy and socially awkward. As shown in an episode, Ross had a tough time flirting with a pizza delivery girl. Even though he tried again by re-ordering the pizza, he ended up ruining by talking about gas. But, it is proved that he sometimes has a perfect sense of humor. Ross Geller is the only member of the gang with a doctorate and hence is very arrogant and proud of it. In later seasons, due to two failed marriages, and a chain of unsuccessful relationships, Ross started developing anger management issues. This is shown in the ‘The one with Ross’s sandwich(1)’ episode, where he gets fired from the museum he worked for after yelling at his boss for eating his special salami sandwich.

Besides this, Ross has a special irk where he has to be right all the time. This is shown in the episode ‘The one where Heckles dies.’ Phoebe expresses that she doesn’t believe in evolution. Shocked by this, Ross spends the entire day convincing Phoebe by showing her fossils and bones. Ross’s childishness was also portrayed in the second season when he started dating Rachel. He began spending an incredible amount of time in Monica and Rachel’s apartment. This turned the time back when they were teenagers, where Ross and Monica always used to fight. Monica even agreed that she hated him when she was a teenager. But, this wasn’t the only incident that showcased these siblings’ rivalry. Monica and Ross Geller usually show a lot of competitiveness, rash outbursts, and physical confrontations.


  • Carol Willick: As mentioned above, Ross’s first wife was Carol Willick, his high school love. But years later, Carol realizes that she is a lesbian and reveals it to Ross. Later, she finds her love of life, Susan Bunch. Carol then divorces Ross Geller. After their divorce, Ross and Carol agree to share custody of their son, Ben. Even though they were divorced, it is shown that Ross and Carol maintain a healthy relationship by helping each other out. This is shown in the episodes ‘The One Without the Ski Trip’ and ‘The One Where Rachel Smokes.’
  • Rachel Greene: As we all know, Ross and Rachel, also known as Roschel, are one of the most famous couples in Hollywood. This was also a very complicated relationship as Roschel had an on and off relationship throughout the series. According to Ross Geller, he had a massive crush on her since high school. But he never confronted her and expressed his feelings. Years later, they start dating just for a year. A dispute breaks them apart to the extent that they couldn’t stand each other. But, gradually they become and stay friends. During a trip to Vegas, Ross and Rachel get drunk and accidentally get married. Later, they get a divorce. But, in season eight, Rachel gives birth to Ross’s daughter, Emma Geller Greene.