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How Saurabh Ratna’s startup – Planhop is turning holidays into memories

Let’s uncover the startup story behind Saurabh Ratna’s startup – Planhop, a one-stop platform for users to create personalized trips together.

Saurabh Ratna

Saurabh Ratna
Saurabh Ratna

Saurabh Ratna graduated from the National Institute Of Technology, Silchar, in the computer science domain. Being a practical and result oriented professional, Saurabh soon after graduation started his career working with companies like CaratLane and Voonik at a very early stage.

What’s Planhop?

Planhop - Website Screenshot
Planhop – Website Screenshot

Planhop is a one-stop platform that helps plan trips together in a group. The company provides personalized trip plans based on the user’s choice and preferences. Planhop manages and takes care of all the details from the planning of how-to-travel to all the activities and stay during the trip.

The company uses algorithms to generate the itinerary dynamically, and the user can also modify the plan as per their choice and then book all of it with a single click. The company provides built-in-tools like chat, polls, and shortlists for collaboration and finalizing trips.

Check out the Planhop platform here.

Idea Behind the startup

Tourism has fascinated people from all over the world and is the second-largest foreign exchange in India.

Saurabh noticed that people have to put considerable effort into planning a trip, and it increases exponentially.

The basic idea behind Planhop was to simplify travel planning and collaboration. The company provides a platform where most of the trip planning is done and is personalized for every user.

Check out the Planhop platform here.

Challenges in the outset of Planhop

Saurabh came up with a very unique and ambitious idea of trip planning and started Planhop, but every journey has some curves.

In the beginning, Saurabh faced challenges in onboarding early users and investors, for which Saurabh had to build a complete working prototype to convey the idea, it was challenging for him to create an itinerary which is personalized to every user dynamically.

Recent collaborations and growth of the company

Planhop Team
Planhop Team

The company recently collaborated with France By French, which provided the company with profound cultural knowledge and on-ground support.

The company has flourished well in the last years and experienced organic growth in active installs and user retention with an increase in the plans created for the users visiting the platform.

Vision and first Milestone of the company

Planhop Team

The first Milestone of the company was creating 200 plans in a week for the users. The company is hitting a new milestone every day by increasing the number of ideas for users steadily.

The Vision of the company is to democratize travel planning. The company is currently building a community combined with technology to enable every traveler to be safe and maximize their experience while being on a trip.