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The story of Seema Thakur: the brave female bus driver from Himachal

Seema Thakur: A real heroine

The pandemic has brought various afflictions to all our lives. But we have also witnessed the rise of many warriors who astonished the nation with their selfless efforts. One such pandemic fighter is Seema Thakur, the first female bus driver from Himachal Pradesh. She currently lives with her family and serves the people of Shimla even in the midst of the pandemic. Joined on May 5 2016, Seema Thakur is the only woman among the 8813 workers of Himachal Pradesh Road Transport Corporation (HRTC) (1).

Seema Thakur
Seema Thakur, the first female bus driver in Himachal Pradesh

In an interview with the media, Seema stated that she is glad to serve the individuals as a transport driver. Even the pandemic situation has not stopped her from doing her duty. Since she often feels worried when she enters her home everyday, she takes the right precautions to prevent the spread of the virus. She even encourages as many people as she can to exercise the covid protocols to guard themselves from the pandemic. In the midst of the lockdown and after, Seema helped the individuals by driving an exclusive transport bus. Driving is also a passion for Seema Thakur, so she greatly enjoys her job.

Serving the homeland

After the government started the unlock procedure, the state transport corporation gave the thumbs up to continue transport administrations with 100 percent seating limit. The inhabitants and workers of Shimla are highly delighted with Seema’s administration towards the residents in the midst of the pandemic. Many of them feel proud that a little youngster is serving the state during the age of COVID-19. She is a courageous young lady and the main lady driver in the district. Seema Thakur sets an example for others to serve mankind and make Himachal Pradesh a great state.