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Shivani Mehrotra Bajaj’s Startup Story: Edubuk – Helping People Discover Their Passion

Edubuk Founder - Shivani Mehrotra Bajaj
Edubuk Founder – Shivani Mehrotra Bajaj

The Founder!

Shivani Mehrotra Bajaj was the brain behind Edubuk. Hailing from Lucknow, she presently stays in Hyderabad. She is an alumnus of Lucknow University, being a topper in the Masters of Business Economics (MBE) course.

Shivani has experience of over ten years as an Assistant professor. She taught Graduate and Post Graduate students in Tier 1 colleges in Lucknow, Hyderabad, and Bangalore. She even taught as a guest faculty in ICAI (Chartered Accountant institute, Lucknow Chapter). However, she has cleared all UGC NET (NTA) Exam in 2 subjects, i.e., Economics and Management.

Shivani is pursuing a Ph.D. on the subject of Edubuk’s Individualized Learning and Earning Model. She also completed her NTT training in Child Education & Applied Psychology from AITVT, Delhi. Shivani has also been entitled – the Birla Young Indian Awards in 2020 for her contribution to society in the field of education.

Ain’t she an inspiration to all of us.


Edubuk is a prominent Individualized Education System. It is a platform that helps learners in finding their passion. They make this possible via MIIT Screening, Multiple Intelligence, Interests, and Talent. Also, they help people in converting their skills into a full-fledged profession.

Visited Harvard for Edubuk Demo
Visited Harvard for Edubuk Demo

Edubuk aims to engage the students. Hence, they started a ‘Community Connect Platform.’ This platform connects parents, students, teachers, and experts so that they can have active conversations focused on Learning, Career Path, and Employability.

HYSEA Awards Edubuk Demo Pod
HYSEA Awards Edubuk Demo Pod

Shivani’s idea of Edubuk won many awards. The company has been facilitated a lot of rewards from several reputed institutions.

The effectiveness of Edubuk lies in four essential factors

  1. Edubuk focuses on “Individualized Learning” in sync with Learner’s Intelligence Type, Interests, Talent, and Passion. Also, they use a customized learning plan to make people job-ready.
  2. Learners acquire “Only Relevant Skills” using “Online-Cum-Offline” Learning Medium Options.
  3. It is the first of its kind “Centralized, Verifiable and Trustworthy” Platform, which also provides “Earning while Learning” Opportunities with the proper use of Technology.
  4. Edubuk focuses on Less Explored Unconventional Career Paths like being a dancer, musician, and much more.

The Vision, Idea, and Inspiration behind Edubuk!


Shivani taught in various institutes before starting Edubuk. While working there, she realized that students are not interested in what they are studying. Their passion is not what they are taught. She felt that they lack proper direction. Thus, Edubuk was born.

Edubuk was the result of Shivani and her husband, Apporva’s passion for making an impact in the education sector.

What inspires them to move forward every day is the fact that platform like edubuk is the need of the hour.

In simple words, Shivani’s vision for Edubuk is to make it an online individualized, and scalable education system where learners will get skilled in an area of their interest or passion and get their dream job.

Challenges faced on the outset!

Unlike any other startup, Edubuk also faced many challenges in its initial days.  The main challenge for Shivani was the development of the product because she was not from a technical background. Thus, Apoorva helped her with this, and they both hired two IT professionals for this purpose.

Edubuk Demo with Students of UBS Mumbai
Edubuk Demo with Students of UBS Mumbai

Also, they had a tough time convincing schools and colleges to provide a demo of their product to the students.  As of now, they wanted to host an event where students can showcase their talents and get rewarded for it, but due to the nationwide lockdown, it is delayed.

Shivani is genuinely thankful to her husband for all the emotional and physical support that he gave her.

Collaborations and Partnerships!

ED LEAD Session on Edubuk Interaction with Audience
ED LEAD Session on Edubuk Interaction with Audience

When we asked Shivani about her partnerships and collaborations, she said-

“Yes, definitely. We have taken permission Taken from Dept. of Education to conduct tests in 10 Model Schools in Telangana. Govt has been very kind to allow us to conduct the pilot for govt schools as well.”

She further added that she is planning to join hands with Ed-Tech startup to launch MIIT and CLP in 400 Schools in the country.

Demo of Edubuk in College, BVRIT HYD
Demo of Edubuk at BVRIT HYD

Also, the company is in initial talks with potential Collaboration with MIT/EdX (US, Boston) to list their courses on its platform.

She further added-

” The company is in advanced talks with Campus Technology (HA & T-Labs Funded) startup to include our MIIT Screening for its NAAC Accreditation Software for more than 1,000 colleges in India. API integration is done. In Dubai, In Advanced Talks with Dubai based company, ETran to sell MIIT product in UAE & GCC market and another incubator in Dubai: Faster Capital for tech collaboration. So most of these are in the initial or advanced level of talks for potential collaboration with Edubuk.”

First Milestone and Current growth status!


Talking about the first milestone of Edubuk, Shivani stated-

“After developing the product, getting it out to the market for Proof of Concept and on the ground customer feedback was the first milestone.”

Besides, her idea won several awards, which in turn is also a significant achievement for her.

As of now, the company has managed to conduct 20,500+ MIIT Tests in 5 colleges and ten schools. They are looking forward to conducting 45000+ tests this year. Besides, their new concept ‘passion show’ is receiving much support from the students.

If you want to know more about Shivani and Edubuk, check out their company page on

Or visit their website-