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The story of Shuttl, a leading online bus aggregator in the country

Why people love Shuttl

In the busy traffic of our country, we waste a valuable amount of time going to and from our workplaces every day. Many people avoid taking public transport because of the inconvenience it causes. In the course of recent years, our government has tried their best to solve this. We have attempted to battle the Indian state’s notoriety for being one of the world’s most contaminated urban communities. A young startup named Shuttl has been making steady progress in working out this issue.

Shuttl (1) is a Delhi-based bus collection portal by Deepanshu Malviya and Amit Singh. This startup from Gurgaon started its wonderful service in the month of April in 2015. The platform offers transport administration to its suburban citizens in metropolitan communities like Noida and Gurgaon. Some of the benefits of their app are great transport buses, saved seats, adaptability in timing and financial suitability. They generally target the section of workers that might want to dodge both costly taxi administrations and inconsistent and swarmed public vehicles.

Amit Singh and Deepanshu Malviya, the co-founders of Shuttl

This bus transport administration is marginally more costly than transport. However, it is a lot less expensive than a taxi. This is a major reason why Shuttl has become the favourite of commuters in Delhi. Within a short time, Shuttle had aggregated around 250 buses and the number kept on increasing. They also had a total of 15 routes in Gurgaon and Noida in 2015. They are currently planning to expand to more cities in the country. It claims that its service is growing fast. The minimum charge for using the service is Rs 20 which is deducted from the app wallet. The user can recharge the app wallet minimum of Rs 500 to Rs 10,000.

The inspiration for Shuttl

Delhi is home to the biggest number of vehicles among Indian urban communities. As of December 2016, the state had more almost 10 million vehicles hustling through the traffic. In spite of the fact that metro activities started in 2003, the pinnacle hour of traffic stays horrendous, while taxis are costly. In 2016, workers utilising private vehicles spent around 3.43 hours stuck in traffic every day. This was a huge shift from the average of 1.36 hours in 2011.

Fumes exhaust from these vehicles represents up to 20 per cent of the city’s degree of PM 2.5. These are small particulate chemicals that are harmful to human life. We have also seen increasing instances of road rage and accidents in the city. Furthermore, the sudden breakdown of vehicles makes things awful while the storms render it more terrible. The authorities took various measures to cut down the quantity of vehicles in the city. They started building more roads for bikes, improving public vehicles and managing the utilization of private vehicles.

However, the overall pattern has been to tackle the issue from the side of supply. As the number of vehicles goes up, we attempt to assemble more streets and flyovers. Moreover, carpooling, which can include up to four people, can only be of so much help in controlling the traf fic.The most susceptible way to do it is to urge more individuals to choose public vehicles. The founders of Shuttl, Deepanshu Malviya and Amit Singh, soon came up with a highly effective solution. They reallysed that a platform that provides convenient bus services could encourage people to use public transport.

How does the service work?

Shuttl offers short commute administrations for workers who travel daily to their workplace. This allows the individuals to skip going in swarmed transports or expensive cabs to arrive at their destinations. The most beneficial thing about the Shuttl app is that it allows only those individuals who have a verification code to use the Shuttl public transport. The users can receive this code on their application after the completion of booking. The platform only allows the exact number of customers as the seats are available. They have hundreds of small air-conditioned buses that carry people from metro stations to well-known office regions close to it.

A Shuttl transport bus

A few of the top routes of these buses are HUDA City Center metro station to Medanta, Sector-32, Noida City Center to Fortis Hospital and so on. The transport buses stop at specific sites to pick different clients on the way. They charge at least Rs at least 20 relying on the route and location. Shuttl transport vehicles work at fixed timings and from Monday to Friday. Bill transaction is through Paytm, or you can pay it ahead of time using the Shuttl Wallet.

If you often take Shuttl, you may choose a membership which offers discounts as well. On booking the nearest pick-up location, the app provides you with the shortest path to reach there. You can also enjoy the real-time track of the vehicle, which chops down your waiting period. They allow you to board on the bus after you show the pass you received on booking. Shuttl also keeps the records and accreditations of administrators and drivers. They give training to the drivers about utilising the application, course and conduct with a revision course held at regular intervals. The services of this innovative startup have helped the day by day commute of office goers.

Funding and investments

Shuttl began their operations in April 2015. Over the years they have won the attention of various top investors like Sequoia Capital India, Lightspeed India Partners, Trifecta Capital Advisors etc. In the same year they began operations, they agreed upon a term sheet with Sequoia which included funding of 3 million dollars. A couple of months later, its second round of funding was driven by Sequoia and Lightspeed Venture Partners. It was able to raise a total of 20 million dollars.

In July 2018, Shuttl conducted a Series B round of funding which raised 11 million dollars. Many famous companies, like Amazon, Dentsu Ventures, etc., took part in this round. By the year 2019, Shuttl worked with around 2,000 transports that clock more than 100,000 rides every day in six urban areas in India. With recent funding of 57 crores from SIG Global India Fund LLP, the value of Shuttl stands at 1500 crore rupees. The startup’s assistance fills in as another public vehicle but with better offices and very few security concerns. Many people find it a feasible solution to reduce the traffic congestion as well as pollution.