1. Introduction
  2. About Sonika Chauhan
  3. Legacy


Life is as unpredictable as a dice; there is no guarantee of survival. We should live it to the fullest with no regrets. In this article, we will discuss the life of Sonika Chauhan, an actress, model, host, and most importantly, a beautiful soul who was lost due to an unfortunate accident.

About Sonika Chauhan

Sonika Singh Chauhan was born on 12 July 1989 to a Hindu father, Vijay Singh Chauhan, and a Christian mother, Sharon Singh Chauhan. She was the only child of the couple. She did her schooling in Kolkata from La Martiniere. She graduated from Mount Carmel College Bengaluru.

She met with a car accident in 2017, which resulted in Sonika Chauhan’s death. She was sitting in the passenger seat of the car, and her friend Vikram Chatterjee was driving the vehicle. She suffered from a head injury in the accident. She was admitted to Ruby Hospital, where she took her last breath.


Sonika Chauhan 27 Foundation was started in memory of Sonika Chauhan by her parents. It was launched on 12 July 2017 on her birthday. The foundation works for the welfare of young people.

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