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SSLC Certificate – Everything you need to know about it

Details regarding the SSLC certificate, the difference between SSLC and matriculation, the importance of SSLC, and more have
Details regarding the SSLC certificate, the difference between SSLC and matriculation, the importance of SSLC, and more have been covered in this article.


  1. What is SSLC?
  2. How and where it is used?
  3. Importance of SSLC
  4. SSLC and matriculation
  5. Difference between SSLC and matriculation
  6. SSLC and matriculation in RRB
  7. School leaving certificate
  8. Conclusion

What is SSLC?

SSLC Means

SSLC full form is the secondary school leaving certificate. It is a certificate obtained by a student after completing his/her secondary school examination in India. In plain words, SSLC means the student has passed his grade 10th examination or, as it is popularly referred to as- class 10th board exams- in India. SSLC is a worldwide known eligibility exam type that is also popular in Indian states like Kerala, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu.

How and where it is used?

sslc meaning

Before getting to the importance of SSLC, let us look at the various levels of education in India. The first level includes primary schooling for five years, followed by five more years of secondary school, which is from class 6 to 10. A student obtains the SSLC certificate after the end of the term of these ten years. Getting the SSLC means that the student is through with his basic schooling/education level, and he/she may continue his education further.

A lot of pathways are opened for students when they get their SSLC. After the secondary level, students may get enrolled in a specialization course of their choice, also termed as a pre-university course or PUC, which is also called +12. It lasts for two years. After obtaining the SSLC certificate, a student may also enter an industrial training institute which provides technical education. Alternatively, a student can join polytechnic and later pursue an engineering degree.

Importance of SSLC

SSLC (or any equivalent certificate) is required to attain a passport according to the terms by the Indian government for employment purposes.

The SSLC was used and is still extensively used as a valid proof of DOB( DATE OF BIRTH) for Indian citizens born before 1989.

SSLC and matriculation

Sslc and matriculation are the core education systems of the education system in India. SSLC and matriculation are two different systems and concepts. The verb matriculation is often wrongly used interchangeably with the word- graduate. Matriculation means enrolling in a university or college after graduating from high school. When a student matriculates at a local college, it means that s/he has got himself registered as a scholar there.

Difference between SSLC and matriculation

SSLC and matriculation both have different backgrounds and purposes. As explained earlier, SSLC is documentation acquired by students after they pass their class 10 examinations. Matriculation refers to the act or process of enrolling in a college or university. SSLC is mainly used in Indian states, and matriculation is used mostly for foreign universities.

SSLC and Matriculation in RRB

RRB stands for railway recruitment board, which is a government-run organization. It offers employment for people in the Indian railway department. All those individuals who aspire to work in RRB must produce their SSLC certificate. This document is a must for the selection process of RRB. Matriculation, on the other hand, is the process of getting enrolled or the curriculum for a particular recruitment board and course. For instance, a person registered in the RRB JE post is referred to as getting matriculation for that post.

School leaving certificate

A school leaving certificate is a qualification awarded after a student has completed high school. It is an academic degree, and at some places, it is also termed as a high school diploma, SSLC, or only as a school certificate. The requirements for obtaining a school-leaving certification or qualification vary from institution to institution.

In the US, it is called a high school diploma, whereas, in England and wales, it is called a general certificate of education (GCE).


Those students who are unhappy with their class 10th results have the facility to opt for revaluation wherein their answer scripts are rechecked. There are specific terms and conditions which have to be kept in mind before applying for SSLC revaluation.